Business incorporation

Former Soviet republics remain attractive to international business as their significant aggregate market volume, need for Western technology to upgrade production and unsaturated markets across a range of product categories offer plenty of opportunities for international companies to grow.

SCHNEIDER GROUP consultants support international companies in expanding businesses in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland and Uzbekistan.

From developing a market entry strategy and registering a legal entity, to comprehensive accounting, tax and legal consulting, SCHNEIDER GROUP will:

  • Advise on potential business registration options
  • Register a company, representative office or branch on your company’s behalf
  • Provide a legal business address
  • Find an office, or rent a fully-equipped office space to your company

What you get

Depending on your company’s planned activities and anticipated volume of business, we will help choose the most suitable option for registering a legal entity.
We will prepare necessary documents, organise the submission of documents to the state authorities on your behalf and assist in choosing a local bank and opening accounts. We will supervise the entire registration of a legal entity.
SCHNEIDER GROUP can provide a legal address for state registration and official correspondence. We will also ensure that your correspondence is securely stored and that you are informed when correspondence is received.
Even when you are registering a legal entity, a General Director is required. In situations where it is not economically feasible to have a full-time General Director, or you cannot find a suitable employee, we will provide an interim General Director to organise the signing of documents, payment of invoices and to represent the company before state authorities.
We can provide your employees with fully equipped workspaces or a separate office. We will ensure that your employees have a convenient location, necessary infrastructure (internet access, landlines), full administrative and secretarial support (ordering supplies, meeting and receiving guests, business correspondence) and technical support.
SCHNEIDER GROUP will take care of all supporting business functions. We will implement and set up an accounting system, and organise accounting and tax reporting, statutory reporting, payroll and HR administration. We will provide full legal and tax support for ongoing activities.
Pharmaceutical manufacturer
Expanding into new markets
We assisted a German pharmaceutical company in establishing a subsidiary in Russia, including opening bank accounts, hiring four employees, subleasing fully equipped office space and providing a temporary General Director, among other tasks.

Why Schneider group

We can help you to launch a local business from start to finish. We provide a full range of services for business start-ups, saving your company time in communicating with several partners and coordinating the project. We adapt to your needs: if your business already has preferred partners in certain areas, we can offer a tailored package with just the selected services you require.
SCHNEIDER GROUP's core competence is the outsourcing of non-core business functions. We are therefore interested in your long-term success in the market, seeking to build partnerships with each and every one of our clients. Registering a legal entity is just the first step; we will also factor in the specifics of your planned business and suggest the best options for future development.

SCHNEIDER GROUP has been helping businesses to expand to new geographical markets since 2003, offering a full range of business support services: from developing strategy for successful market-entry to helping arrange or optimize accounting, reporting and financial planning processes and establishing efficient IT infrastructures.

500 top experts in 11 countries take care of all resource-consuming non-core business tasks, so our customers can focus on achieving their business goals. We offer services in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan, with minor regional variations. Get in touch via our contact form to request details of specific service packages available in your target country.

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