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Export to Russia (Imports into Russia)

Export to Russia: What we offer

Our services entail the complete handling of the logistic chain and product certification. Our import / export services can be individually combined to meet your needs and range from:

  • general consulting services,
  • assistance in the preparation of export documents and
  • logistics in Russia to
  • electronic customs clearance for your Russian subsidiary.

We take over the complete handling of the import / export process.

Imports to Russia are associated with high requirements regarding the preparation of delivery and transport documents, as for a smooth import process it is essential to provide accurate documentation which is compliant with local requirements and Russian import regulations.

It does not matter whether goods are being imported from Germany or the United States – the professional coordination and effective communication between exporter, importer and transport companies are the basis of successful import processing.

Import, customs handling and certification

To understand what conformity documents are necessary for your product, the Russian customs tariff number has to be determined on the basis of the goods description. For the certification itself, a legal entity of member states of the Eurasian Economic Union has to be the applicant in order to submit the application with all the necessary information as well as to provide samples for the testing of the products. A certification service provider can also act as an applicant on behalf (on the basis of the power of attorney) of a foreign producer.

In accordance with Customs Union Code, only a legal entity of member states of the EEU can submit an import declaration for the customs clearance. To prepare the documents for the customs clearance, the EEU customs tariff numbers have to be determined as well as all product descriptions in native language of member states of the EEU. These documents have to be provided to customs together with all commercial documents (invoice, contract etc.) and the import declaration. It can be done by an in-house-declarant (import specialist), a customs broker (who usually requires all the documents already prepared in native language) or an import service provider (who usually takes care of the documents preparation as well as logistics handling).

If the client in EEU does not want to deal with customs clearance, you can request the service of a technical distributor by an import service provider. In this case the technical distributor purchases your goods, imports them in their own name and sells them to your client in EEU.

The advantage of exporting into the EEU is a common customs territory (free trade of goods without customs duties within the union), as well as united customs tariffs, common customs codes and unified non-tariff regulations.

To learn more about what else should be considered when exporting to the EEU and Ukraine, how to profit from the EEU market without committing substantial investments, whether or not your business has export opportunities and how to get all the benefits of a local office without registering a company, please address our Import Department experts.

Imports to Russia

When talking about the import of goods into Russia, we are referring to transactions between a foreign seller and a Russian buyer. Import regulations of Russia and the Customs Union specify that the buyer is always fully responsible for customs clearance procedures, carrying out the role of the importer. The legal entity, in whose name customs clearance is taking place, is officially called the “declarant”. Even if a licensed customs representative, better known as a customs broker, takes over the customs formalities, the clearing process will nevertheless be carried out in the name of the declarant.

Customs Clearance in Russia

Customs Clearance in Russia: What we offer

SCHNEIDER GROUP can help you to export your goods to Russia and offers the following services:

  • Customs clearance for your Russian subsidiary
    • Electronic customs clearance and registration of electronic signature
    • Registration at the customs office
    • Coordination of the logistics chain
    • Development of warehousing and logistics concept
    • Delivery to the customer / warehouse in the Customs Union
  • DDP service
    • Import and customs clearance in our name
    • Administrative Management (contracts, business passport, shipping documents, payments)
    • Coordination of the logistics chain from your warehouse to the customer in the Customs Union
    • Payments to the customs authorities (customs duties, import tax and customs fee)
  • Customs value analysis

Learn more about the registration at the customs office, custom procedures, customs tariffs and customs payments.

Electronic customs clearance in Russia

Electronic customs clearance in Russia: What we offer

SCHNEIDER GROUP can take over the entire customs clearance process in Russia, including electronic customs clearance of goods and registration of the electronic signature.

In the last decade, the Russian Federation, and afterwards the Customs Union, tried to develop the procedure of customs clearing and to promote a much faster, less bureaucratic and more transparent alternative to the existing paper format.

Read about the development of modern import tools in the Eurasian Customs Union and Ukraine.

Product Certification in Russia

Product Certification in Russia: What we offer

SCHNEIDER GROUP can support you with product certification in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and guarantee a smooth and transparent certification process. We work with leading certification entities and offer the following services:

  • Product analysis for certification purposes and confirmation of certificates required
  • Preparation of required documentation for the certification process
  • Coordination of product tests and audits of production sites
  • Full support during the certification process

Read more about product certification in the Eurasian Customs Union and the Ukraine.

Diversify your supply chain

Diversity in supply chains and sourcing channels in the CIS/EAEU countries could result in cost-saving and cost efficient manufacturing strategies.

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