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Imports to Belarus

We support companies in the import process by taking over

  • complete handling of the logistic chain,
  • product certification,
  • preparation of export documents,
  • registration at the customs office,
  • electronic customs clearance and
  • delivery to the final customer or to our client’s warehouse.

Moreover SCHNEIDER GROUP in Minsk provides DDP service including

  • import of goods and customs clearance in our own name;
  • administrative effort (Stipulation of contracts, passport of deal and all other shipping or customs documents);
  • logistic handling from your premises in Europe to your final client in Belarus;
  • payment of customs duties, VAT and other taxes if required.
Importing goods to Belarus and the Customs Union

For the import of goods into Belarus and the Customs Union in general, it is required that the buyer of the goods is also responsible for the customs formalities and the clearing of the goods. The legal entity, in whose name customs clearance is taking place, is officially called the declarant. Even when a licensed customs representative, better known as a customs broker, is taking over the customs formalities, the clearing process will nevertheless be carried out in the name of the declarant company.


We provide you with the necessary certificate or product registration for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We collaborate with leading certifications agencies and offer the following services:

  • product analysis for certification purposes and confirmation of certificates required;
  • preparation of required documentation for the certification process.

For its import to the Customs Union, almost all kinds of products need to be tested and certified. The current certification legislation is based on the so-called Technical Regulations. The technical regulations are definitions of standards which establish the characteristics of products and their production processes in terms of quality, security, technical characteristics, etc. With the introduction of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, a unified product certification system became indispensable and in 2010, the three countries decided to introduce the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

Diversify your supply chain

Diversity in supply chains and sourcing channels in the CIS/EAEU countries could result in cost-saving and cost efficient manufacturing strategies.

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