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SCHNEIDER GROUP offers business setup serivces
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Market representative

Do you want to expand into the CIS market with your product?

By teaming up with experts from the corresponding industry, SCHNEIDER GROUP can identify market opportunities and promote and place the client’s products with the best partners in the respective country.

Find out more in our “Market representative” flyer.

General Consulting in Russia

As entering the market in Russia is not like in western countries, general consulting for the Russian market entry is essential to avoid common pitfalls. Business is done differently, significantly faster, and in a less predictable way in Russia.

Therefore, it really pays to get to know the peculiarities of the Russian market starting with business setup. We prepare you for market entry in Russia by familiarizing you with all the necessary information needed for a successful business setup in Russia with customized workshops.

We give workshops on the following topics:

  • General success factors
  • Typical mistakes made in Russia
  • Best business development solutions in Russia
  • Control, organization, and coordination as critical success factors
  • Russian accounting and Russian taxation
  • Different financial strategies for expanding your business
  • Customs, certification, licensing, and authorization
  • Russian business culture
  • General legal factors
  • Labour law, work permits, visas
  • Market analysis Russia
  • Site selection, office space leasing
  • Experiences with Russian joint-ventures
  • Development of production sites

We would be happy to offer additional topics according to your needs during your foreign business setup in Russia.

Business Plans in Russia

Specifics of business plans for the Russian market

Business plans for Russia often include a plethora of uncertainties concerning cost calculation and time frame. There are often unexpected costs for personnel and office leases. The expenses for leasing a well-situated office in the center of Moscow are 300-500% higher than in Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, or Frankfurt. Qualified personnel in Moscow (after deductions) often earn more than their counterparts in Germany. The business registration usually takes more time than planned.

We can help you with the development of your business plan. If you have already developed a plan, we can review it.

We can further advise you on ways to reduce your costs and accelerate organisational and planning tasks, such as the registration of your business.

Professional translations in Russia (St. Petersburg)

We are happy to offer you comprehensive support in preparing professional written translations and certifications of various documents (charters, contracts, extracts of registers, court decisions, certificates, reports, etc.) and correspondence, as well as accompany and interpretation during negotiations, in Russian-German/German-Russian and Russian-English/English-Russian language pairs.

Our translators have years of experience in dealing with legal and financial documents and in addition to their high level of linguistic competence, they also have knowledge of the subject, which helps them to carry out the assigned tasks with maximum precision and speed, while guaranteeing quality and confidentiality.

If there is a constant fixed volume of tasks, we are ready to offer you a flat fee agreement as well.

Contact person in St. Petersburg:
Elena Kuzakhmetova
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