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Market Entry FAST TRACK

SCHNEIDER GROUP supports you with entering a new market within just a few days and without the hassle of company registration via our office-in-office solution!

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General consulting in Ukraine

Entering the market in Ukraine is different than in western countries, and general consulting is essential to avoid common pitfalls. Business in Ukraine is done differently, significantly faster, and in a less predictable way.

Therefore it really pays to know the peculiarities of the Ukrainian market. We prepare you for the Ukrainian market by familiarizing you with all necessary information needed for a successful market entry through customized workshops in your company.

Business plans for Ukraine

Business plans for Ukraine often include many uncertainties concerning cost calculations and the time frame. Often there are unexpected costs for personnel and office leases. The expense for leasing a well-situated office in the center of Kyiv can be higher than in Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, or Frankfurt. Qualified personnel in Kyiv sometimes earn more than their counterparts in Germany. The business registration usually takes more time than planned.

We can help you with the development of your business plans. If you have already developed your plan, we can review it and further advise you on ways to reduce your costs and accelerate organizational and planning tasks, such as registering your business.