Stay alert: fishing mailings “on behalf of” SCHNEIDER GROUP


Dear business partners,

Recently, cases of requests for commercial information – prices, content and volume of services – from the e-mail address have become more frequent, indicating contact information that visually slightly differs from SCHNEIDER GROUP data.

Please note that SCHNEIDER GROUP does not use such domains as / /, etc. for communication with clients and partners, consulting services, supply of services or request information, and is not related to such mailings with the request for information.

We take all possible steps to block the attackers’ email address and inform you about the situation so that you can exercise caution and avoid wasting time and leakage of confidential information when communicating with such email senders.

We ask you to use only reliable official channels of communication with us (feedback form on the company’s official website, official phone number) and open emails only from the company’s official domain