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From Europe to CIS: how to enter the Russian market remotely

February 16th, 10:00 a.m. CET | online | Language: English

Considering expansion to Russia? Want to know how COVID-19 pandemic has influenced Russia’s economy? What supportive measures are available for businesses now? How to prepare working market entry strategy? What is digital market entry and how to successfully start your business in Russia now, despite the current travel restrictions? Find out at our free webinar on February, 16th!

Mandatory digital marking of consumer goods in Russia: be prepared

February 17th, 10:30 a.m. (GMT+3) | online | Language: Russian

Mandatory digital marking of consumer goods in Russia has come into force in January 2021. Join our free webinar on February, 17th to learn more about the Russian country-wide digital track and trace system Chestny Znak and how to arrange high-performance digital marking of mass-volume goods.

How to optimize tax base during intracorporate financing

February, 18th, 10:30 a.m. (GMT+3) | online | Language: English

When entering Russian market or providing financial support to your Russian business entity you get into the situation of intracorporate financing. What corporate and tax implications has intracorporate financing in Russia? What are the available options to arrange financial flows inside the group of companies to optimize your tax base? Get the answers at our free webinar on February, 18th!

Re-inventing talent management in the post-pandemic world

February, 24th, 10:30 a.m. (GMT+3) | online | Language: Russian

Learn how key elements of talent management have changed, find out how to re-design performance management, competences and grades within several months.
Participate in open discussion on urgent questions like leaders of today and tomorrow, office vs. remote work and best practices of the online recruitment. All this and more in our live webinar on February, 24th!

Process efficiency as the key to business survival

February, 25th, 7:00 p.m. (GMT +3) | Moscow, House of German Economy | Language: Russian

2020 has clearly demonstrated that efficiency and adaptability of business processes is often the key to business survival. Join our business-dinner on February, 25th in Moscow to discuss:

  • how non-food retail companies can re-build their processes to perform rapid switch to online sales
  • how to assess what non-core business functions to outsource for better financial performance
  • what to consider when automating your warehouse management.

COVID-19 express testing will be arranged for event participants with support of Rapid Bio, Russian manufacturer of the COVID-19 express test.
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Russia | Obligatory digital marking of consumer goods for their export in Russia came into force

Since January 1, 2021, light industry goods must be marked with a special digital code that will guarantee their authenticity and quality. Selling these products without the required label will be considered illegal and blocked by the cash register in the store. Read more here.
SCHNEIDER GROUP offers companies, exporting consumer goods to Russia, complete solution for digital marking of goods according to the legislative requirements. – Get in touch!

Russia | Multilateral convention came into force in regard to 34 countries in January 2021

This changes the criteria of application of reduced tax rates, governed by Double Taxation Treaties, to various types of income, such as loan interest, royalties, dividends, etc. Read more here.
SCHNEIDER GROUP tax experts will consult you on possible consequences of the changes for your business, to optimize tax load and prepare correct tax reporting.

Russia | Changes in taxation for IT companies: reduced VAT rates and social security payments

What criteria should an IT company meet to reduce profit tax from 20% to 3%, and social contributions from 14% to 7.6%? What tax incentives are provided for Skolkovo residents? Read more here. Is it possible to combine the new benefits for IT companies and benefits available to Skolkovo residents? Get in touch with SCHNEIDER GROUP Tax team to find out!

Kazakhstan | Rules for collection and processing of personal data approved

They regulate the relationships arising between owners, operators, data subjects, and third parties in the process of collection and processing of personal data. Read more here.
Get in touch with SCHNEIDER GROUP Kazakhstan to arrange legally-compliant processing of personal data – of your employees, customers and partners – in your business.