SCHNEIDER GROUP launches a Telegram bot to create a company charter


According to World Bank estimate, Russia ranks № 40 in the world in terms of the complexity of setting up a company. This is due to both procedural features and the need to prepare a set of rules (charter), how to manage the company and how the company can conclude the contracts.

Significant investments in creating a complex charter, especially when entering the Russian market, are not always justified. Specifically, In order to simplify the setup of a limited liability company SCHNEIDER GROUP has developed a convenient tool for selecting a standard charter from 36 available options. Despite the fact that actually registering a company with such a charter under a special procedure is not yet possible, the standard charter can be used as a template and supplemented by individual information about the company during the registration for the common procedure.

SCHNEIDER GROUP bot allows you to select a standard charter, answering 7 questions, and gives detailed information about the features of each of the 36 standard charters.

Information in the bot is available in 3 languages: Russian, English and German.

You can use the bot by clicking on the link.


Standard charters differ with one another in a set of the following options:

  • the possibility of free business exit,
  • the need to obtain the consent of other participants to transfer the share to third parties or other participants, as well as to transfer the share to the assignees,
  • observance of preemptive rights,
  • the ability to independently manage the business (alone or with partners) as a director,
  • the ability to make decisions by participants without involving a notary.