Crisis Checklist


In times of health crises, exceptional circumstances, and serious economic effects, companies should have a business continuity plan.

The demands on a company are now immense. To not lose sight of important aspects, we at SCHNEIDER GROUP have drawn up an extensive checklist. We would be happy to send you the complete checklist and help you to face the crisis.

Here is an extract from the checklist:

Organizational aspects

Ο Do you have a backup for your general manager?

Ο Are you equipped with powers of attorney?

Ο Are you bound to individuals in your bank signatures?

Legal Aspects

Ο Do your employees know all the measures required?

Ο As an employer, do you meet all special requirements?

Ο Do you know the possible risks and penalties?

HR aspects

Ο Do you meet labor law requirements for work from home?

Ο Do you have a time tracking for work done from home?

Ο Can you adjust working hours and salaries?

Financial aspects

Ο Is the exchange rate loss due to the ruble devaluation realized immediately or only at the end of the year?

Ο What is the cash outflow if this loss is realized immediately?

Ο What are the implications for your 2020 budget?

Ο Do you have to consider tax effects for the next financial statements?

IT aspects

Ο Have you tested your IT infrastructure for remote work?

Ο Do you have the necessary software on your employees’ computers for remote work?

Ο Can you do your document exchange electronically?

Ο Has your telephone system been switched to the new workplaces?