Armenia, an ideal bridge between the EU and the EEAU: Ulf Schneider

Armenia, an ideal bridge between the EU and the EEAU: Ulf Schneider

One year after COVID-19 upended the business world, the role of business consultants to guide companies through the disruption, has grown more than ever before. While the global industry was not immune to the economic effects of the crisis, now, the challenge for companies has become to identify those consultancies which are best equipped to help them navigate the transformation ahead.

Leaders like Ulf Schneider, SCHNEIDER GROUP President and Founder, discern a viable path forward to the new reality, and hence plan for a post-pandemic, and in Armenia’s case also post-war future, even if the timing may still seem a little hazy. As the chairman of the Business Initiative (the Lisbon-Vladivostok Initiative) he looks to create a common economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok, to bring the EU and the EAEU closer together economically, and he sees Armenia as the ideal bridge country, which is a member of the EEAU on the one hand, and has a cooperation agreement with the EU on the other hand. Besides, “The relations between Russia and the EU need a moderator, which could be Armenia,” he notes.

The Armenian SCHNEIDER GROUP Office was founded in 2018. It pro-vides its international clients with the back office services they need to expand their businesses into the CIS countries, Ukraine, and Poland. SCHNEIDER GROUP is a network of professionals who deliver insightful results through a deep understanding of the issues and operations of building, reforming and transforming businesses.

It’s likely that there’s a lot more that SCHNEIDER GROUP Armenia could do for you: audit and tax, import and legal issues, and beyond to protect and enhance your business.

In the wake of the pandemic and the war many entrepreneurs had to shrink their physical footprints, some even had to shut down. “It was a difficult decision not to close down the business during the pandemic and the war, and I am glad I didn’t do it. I still believe in the country, in the economy of Armenia, but still more has to be done to really market it in foreign countries,” Ulf Schneider says.

He sees Armenia as one of the greatest countries in the IT development. “The drive to get things done, plus professional IT knowledge and project management skills make them special.”

Ulf Schneider also identifies agriculture, textile and pharmaceutical seg-ments as opportunities to do business in Armenia. “In these industry seg-ments there are a lot of opportunities, the question is what you make out of them and how you present the country abroad. The diaspora has a great network, and this can be much better used for the marketing of the country.”

Now when enterprises are looking into the future which is more intercon-nected and flexible, more collaborative and frictionless, the one where trust, growth and delivering values are of paramount importance, SCHNEIDER GROUP is a perfect choice to assist businesses with market entry, accounting outsourcing, tax consulting, import, ERP systems (1C, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV), support in dispute settlements and advice on a broad range of legal issues with the focus on compliance, migration, labour, contract, and corporate law.

SCHNEIDER GROUP Armenia’s team is continuously developing to en-sure they have the capabilities, strategies and networks to deliver insight-driven and technology-enabled solutions that underlie sustainable value creation which companies require.

SCHNEIDER GROUP is your one-stop partner throughout the CIS and much farther.

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