7 scenarios for restructuring your business in Russia


Keep your legal entity in dormant mode

Liquidation, staff-outsourcing and import function

Liquidation and we take over market representative function

  • Full legal, tax, accounting and admin service to downsize
  • Final business liquidation
  • SCHNEIDER GROUP staff becomes market representative for your brand in Russia

Sale-purchase agreement

  • You transfer your Russian subsidiary to SCHNEIDER GROUP
  • Re-branding of the legal entity
  • Your local management stays, we take over the controlling function
  • Consulting agreement between SCHNEIDER GROUP and your headquarters in order to ensure your corporate and quality standards
  • You may re-purchase at a later point and continue on the Russian market

Management buy-out

  • You sell your Russian subsidiary to local management
  • 4-eye principle with SCHNEIDER GROUP as second General Director or via Power of Attorney
  • We take over the Controller function

Compliant export and import

  • We will check the current status of sanctions and restrictions regarding people, organizations, industry sectors, product categories, and destination
  • We will help to restructure your supply chain to ensure compliance and uninterrupted flow of your goods to the countries of Eurasian Economic Union
  • We will arrange delivery and customs clearance of your goods allowed for import to Russia via EAEU


  • These current times require a very tight controlling and financial management
  • Tasks like treasury, cash-flow planning and open receivable management are of high importance