Sanctions. Examples. Solutions. Forum IV

Is it worth staying in Russia?

24 June | 09:00-14:00 | House of German Economy and online
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Language: English / Russian for breakout sessions

About the event

Join us for the 4th half day forum on Friday, 24 June to discuss the operational options for your Russian subsidiary in uncertain times.

With the 6th EU sanctions package now adopted, and multiple legal changes, bank and international money transfer issues, export bans and logistics restrictions – today’s environment is as unpredictable for businesses as never before. Let’s meet at the end of June in the House of German Economy in Moscow to discuss those issues which heavily impact international businesses in Russia. 

3 main panel discussions both onsite and online, 8 interactive breakout sessions onsite only.


Registration and welcome coffee

Panel discussion: is it worth staying in Russia? (English)

  • Western companies leaving. Reality vs. press announcements
  • Factors impacting the stay or leave decision
  • Conflicts between western HQs and Russian subsidiaries
  • How to model the decision process

Onsite (Moscow Hall) & online
Moderator: Frank Ebbecke
Speakers: representatives of businesses, Alex Stolarsky

Coffee break
Panel discussion: cutting costs, getting lean the right way (English)
  • How to perform a cost analysis?
  • How to make fixed costs variable?
  • Minimum costs to run an LLC or a representative office in Russia?
  • How to involve cost efficient staff from outside Russia in the Russian operations?
Onsite (Moscow Hall) & online
Moderator: Christopher Schagerl
Speakers: Oksana Bocharova, Ekaterina Mikhaylova

Parallel breakout sessions, block 1 (onsite only)

How is the Russian economy holding up? (English)

Session leader: Tom Adshead, Macro Advisory

Currency control regulations & payment restrictions (Russian)

  • What payments are possible?
  • For what purposes money can be transferred?
  • Business travel, how to pay for it?
  • Payments for services, etc.

Session leader: Natalia Dobrova

6th EU sanctions package, an overview (Russian/English)

  • What is included in the sixth package
  • Consulting services, what now
  • Banking, de-swifting of Sberbank
  • And other business limitations

Session leaders: Alex Stolarsky, Thomas Mundry, Alexander Titov

Employment, migration and personal data law issues (Russian)

  • Legal issues on optimization of HR costs
  • Potential risks connected with dismissal of personnel within the liquidation of companies or making them dormant
  • Any outstanding HR-related legal issues

Session leader: Denis Bushnev

Panel discussion: liquidation of a company in Russia (English)
  • The different specialists involved in a liquidation? What is needed for a liquidation?
  • What is the difference between an LLC (OOO) and a rep office / branch office liquidation?
  • How long does a liquidation take?
  • What can go wrong in a liquidation?
  • Liquidation versus dormant company, how to select
Onsite (Moscow Hall) & online
Moderator: Christopher Schagerl
Speakers: Alexander Titov, Andrej Steiner, Roman Tsybulevskiy

Parallel breakout sessions, block 2 (onsite only)

Currency control regulations & payment restrictions (English)

  • What payments are possible?
  • SWIFT issues?
  • Business travel, how to pay for it?
  • Payments for services, etc.

Session leader: Natalia Dobrova

Risks due to lack of IT supply and how to minimize them (Russian/English)

  • Impact on business continuity for Russian companies under growing disruptions in the IT solutions supply
  • Status update on IT companies deciding to limit or stop operations in Russia
  • Case studies: ensuring stable accounting and business operations by integration of local IT solutions and localization of corporate IT in use

Session leaders: Ekaterina Lozhkova, Ljubomir Karadshow

Management buy-out – the solution to all issues? (Russian/English)

  • What is an MBO
  • Examples of companies who did an MBO in Russia
  • Elements to consider in an MBO
  • How to use call and put options in an MBO
  • Timeframe to execute an MBO

Session leaders: Alex Stolarsky, Thomas Mundry

Logistics and import issues in a time of change (Russian/English)

  • Import and export issues in Russia and the EU
  • New rules and legal framework for customs clearance and transportation
  • Parallel import: how it will be controlled and when does trademark protection matter
Session leaders: Anastasia Kostyukovskaya, Olga Kravchenko 

Closing panel & event recap: breakout sessions’ leaders present main findings

Onsite (Moscow Hall) & online
Moderator: Christopher Schagerl


Small lunch and networking


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