Sanctions. Examples. Solutions. #14

Update about recent sanctions related legal changes as well as tax and migration issues with employees moving abroad

18 November | 16:00-17:30 | House of German Economy and online
Event is over
Language: English

About the event

Join us for the 14th interactive discussion on sanctions and new rules and regulations.

SCHNEIDER GROUP specialist will provide you with a concise overview and practical guidance on sanctions related issues.

Focus topic for our 14th event in this series will be the tax, migration and labor law issues if your employee moved permanently abroad. Many aspects here need to be considered and for the unprepared the surprises can be substantial on the employee as well as employer side.

  • Main topic: sanctions and counter-measures update

    • Sanctions update
    • Liquidations of legal entities in Russia, new payment problems
    • Transferring money abroad, status, issues, experiences
    • Foreign banks compliance – status of work with Russia
  • Q&A

    Special topic: Tax and legal aspects of relocation of employees abroad:

    • Tax implication of relocation of employees. What companies and physical persons should consider
    • Currency control limitations while paying salaries to employees working abroad
    • Labor law issues and practical realities
  • Q&A

Contact person for all event-related questions

Hans Kuepper:, +7 495 956 55 57


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