Sanctions. Examples. Solutions #12

Сounter-measures update

23 September | 12:00-13:00 | House of German economy and online
Language: English

About the event

The autumn 2022 seems to be very active in Russia due to various legislative changes. Among the major ones is the Law ‘On Personal Data’. Starting from 1st September, all businesses have started feeling its amendments.
Join us for an active discussion on practical issues on the 23rd of September in our Moscow office or online.


Sanctions and counter-measures update

Speaker: Natalia Dobrova

  • Status on Russian draft laws (external administration, etc.)
  • Practical implications on banking payments – official and unofficial rules
  • Lightening of currency control measures by the Russian Central Bank, new types of operations allowed
  • Settlements with foreign partners
  • Q&A

Practical divestiture experiences

Speaker: Alexander Titov

  • Dormant status
  • MBO with Russian managers
  • Minority shareholder with SCHNEIDER GROUP for MBO
  • Call and put option agreements with Russian manager
  • Q&A

Changes of the Personal Data Law

Speaker: Denis Bushnev

  • Challenges for businesses;
  • How to handle them and what are the practical approaches?
  • Current penalties for breaches and what’s new should be expected?
  • Q&A Session

About speakers

Alexander Titov
Head of Corporate Law Practice, Moscow
Denis Bushnev
Head of Labour and Migration Law Practice, Moscow
Natalia Dobrova
Head of Internal Controls, Moscow

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