Relevant financial matters for corporate executives and financial directors (CEO, CFO)

04 March | 05:00 p.m. (GMT+3) | SCHNEIDER GROUP SPb office
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Language: English / Russian

About the event

Qualified managers need to have expertise in the field of corporate finance to make effective decisions and to allocate cash flows rationally in today’s business environment.

SCHNEIDER GROUP SPb invites you to participate in "Relevant Financial Matters for Corporate Executives and Financial Directors (CEO, CFO)", the evening business event, which will be held on the 4th of March, 2022 at 5 p.m. in our office in Saint Petersburg.


  • Top 7 company performance indicators that a CEO and a business owner should keep under control

  • Intragroup settlements: relevant law enforcement practice

Form of participation: personal appearance only.
The participation is free, preliminary registration is required.

Language: English/Russian

Location of the event
Business Centre "Petrovskiy Fort", St. Petersburg, Finlyandskiy Prospect 4 A, 8th floor
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