“Google tax” in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine

09 December | 10:00 am (CET) | Webinar
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About the event

Success rules for foreign companies, providing e-services

The controversial “google tax law” obliging foreign companies rendering electronic services to register a local legal entity is already in effect in Russia and Belarus. Starting January, 1st 2022 this law is coming into force in Ukraine and Kazakhstan as well. The new legislation on the level of the Eurasian Economic Union is also on the way.

Large market players, such as SaaS and IaaS providers, global marketplaces or online advertising services providers have already developed sustainable legal and tax strategy to mitigate negative impact of the law on their business. However many smaller players, such as mobile application developers, may still have no clear picture how to procced to ensure compliance with the “google tax law”.


  • What to do if your company provides electronic services in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan or Ukraine?
  • What are the requirements for legal entity registration in each country?
  • What are the obligations of foreign companies after registration?
  • What needs to be changed in service provisioning agreements?
  • How to correctly calculate VAT for each country?
  • What are the risks and penalties for incompliance?

Join our free webinar “Google tax in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine” on December, 9th, 10 am CET to find out! 

SCHNEIDER GROUP local tax experts from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine will present practical cases and provide recommendations for foreign e-services companies for their long-term success on the local market.

About speakers

Artem Barinov
Director, Legal & Tax, SCHNEIDER GROUP, Ukraine
Ekaterina Lakatosh
Tax Tam Leader, SCHNEIDER GROUP, Russia
Mariya Nazarova
Head of Legal & Tax Practice, SCHNEIDER GROUP, Kazakhstan
Sergey Odintsov
Head of Legal & Tax, SCHNEIDER GROUP, Belarus

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