CIS legal conference

Navigating the current CIS legal landscape

01 July | 09:30-14:30 | House of German Economy and online
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Language: English

About the event

Join us on the 1st of July for a deep-dive into the legal framework affecting every-day business-operations in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan: recent legislative changes introduced in Russia & Belarus in the response to sanctions, legally-compliant options for maintaining activities on the market and opportunities of the neighboring jurisdictions, such as Armenia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Registration and welcome coffee
Management buy-out for your Russian subsidiary. An answer to all the questions?
  • What is a management buy-out (MBO)?
  • Lean transaction
  • Due diligence for the Russian subsidiary
  • Sellers’ option for the re-purchase of shares
  • Timeframe to execute an MBO
  • Support agreements 

Speakers: Natalia Wilke, Alex Stolarsky, Thomas Mundry

10:45- 11:30

Suspending and terminating agreements

  • Force majeure according to Russian legislation. Practical court-cases
  • Suspension or termination for cause or convenience
  • Arbitration with sanctioned counterparties
  • What to consider in new agreements

Speakers: Ekaterina Kalinina, Evgeniya Sinanova

Special: interactive quiz on force majeure with nice giveaways for the winner 
Coffee break 

Currency restrictions. Current status

  • Mandatory sale of foreign currency cancelled. What now?
  • Distribution of profit and dividends
  • Purchase and transfer abroad of foreign currency by non-residents
  • Payments for business travel
  • Special account types (“O”. “C”)
  • Advance payments for various agreements

Speakers: Alexander Titov, Elena Nazarova

Business opportunities in selected CIS jurisdictions (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan)

  • Overall business environment
  • Company registration process and timelines
  • Staff relocation
  • Taxes and incentives

Speakers: Yeva Voskanyan (Armenia), Azamat Gumarov (Kazakhstan), Nodir Ayupov(Uzbekistan), Natalia Shulzhenko, Sergey Odintsov (Belarus)
Small lunch and networking 
13:30 – 14:30
Additional – optional for our Visitors

Country break our lunch sessions – Armenia, Belarus and Uzbekistan (only onsite)
Three separate break out lunch sessions for interested visitors with SCHNEIDER GROUP country directors from Armenia, Belarus and Uzbekistan. 

Country Break out lunch session

  • Investment opportunities
  • Legal environment, company registrations and tax regime
  • Staff relocations 
  • Your questions

SCHNEIDER GROUP has been helping businesses to expand to new geographical markets since 2003, offering a full range of business support services: from developing strategy for successful market-entry to helping arrange or optimize accounting, reporting and financial planning processes and establishing efficient IT infrastructures.

500 top experts in 11 countries take care of all resource-consuming non-core business tasks, so our customers can focus on achieving their business goals. We offer services in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan, with minor regional variations. Get in touch via our contact form to request details of specific service packages available in your target country.

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Transfer pricing rules in the Caucasus region
During our online event SCHNEIDER GROUP experts will explain the most important aspects of transfer pricing in the Caucasus region, including the local compliance requirements, the process of administration and other issues, which are relevant for international transactions.
Regulation of pharma and medical devices markets in the EAEU | Country focus: Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan
During the online events, SCHNEIDER GROUP legal experts will explain the most important aspects of market authorization, importing, labelling, licensing and promoting of pharma goods and medical devices in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.
Regulation of pharma and medical devices markets in Caucasus and Central Asia | Country focus: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan
During the online events, SCHNEIDER GROUP legal experts will explain the most important aspects of market authorization, importing, labelling, licensing and promoting of pharma goods and medical devices in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Uzbekistan.
Challenges & opportunities | Legal & Tax Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia
Our on-site round table event in Berlin will provide you with latest law&tax update and insights for market entry and business transformation in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania and Russia