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How to optimize tax base during intracorporate financing

Find out  about corporate and tax implications has intracorporate financing in Russia at our free webinar.

From Europe to CIS: how to enter the Russian market remotely

Find out how COVID-19 pandemic has influenced Russia’s economy at our free webinar.

Automation of IFRS/GAAP/HGB based on 1C products and 1C-SAP integration

Find out the pros and cons of parallel accounting and transactional approach, integration interfaces between 1C and SAP / other corporate systems in the parent company at our free webinar.

Cybersecurity – how to design your best IT defense strategy

Find out about how to set up strong IT defense strategy and what are current Russian and global cybersecurity trends at our free webinar.

Mining in Russia 2021: Insights from Canada – Europe – Australia

Find out about current situation in the Russian Mining Sector and recent changes, expected future trends, at our free webinar.

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