The President of Russia established additional non-working days in June and July


Vladimir Putin declared June 24, 2020 a non-working day with guaranteed employees’ salary. The parade honoring the 75th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War will be held on this day.

The Presidential Decree does not contain exceptions for any employers and applies to all. Due to the lack of the official clarifications we assume that this rule should be applied by analogy with the previous non-working periods. In accordance with the letter of the Ministry of Labor dated 26.03.2020 No. 14-4 / 10 / P-2696 a “non-working day is not considered as weekend or non-working public holiday.” Thus, if the employer continues to function with due consideration of the local limitations as of June 24, 2020, the working specialists would be subject to their regular pay, not at a double rate.

The Russian President also approved a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. It is scheduled for July 1, 2020. This day will also be non-working.

However, according to the Law of the Russian Federation on the amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation of March 14, 2020 No. 1-FKZ, employers, assigning their employees to work on this day, must pay them for such work under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation for work on non-working public holidays. Therefore, if the working day of an employee falls on July 1, he/she shall receive at least double payment for this work. Specific rules on formalization of such work on the voting day are not stipulated by this law.

Since the Presidential Decrees establish that June 24 and July 1 are non-working days that are not public holidays the employer is not obligated to reduce the duration of the workday on the previous day (June 23 and 30, respectively).

Source: Decree of the Russian President of May 29, 2020 No. 345; Decree of the Russian President of June 1, 2020 No. 354