The Government of the Russian Federation allowed returning of foreign highly qualified specialists to Russia


The Head of the Government of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, signed Decree No. 1671-r of June 25, 2020, which allows foreign citizens who are highly qualified specialists, to enter the Russian Federation. A highly qualified specialist can do this only one time.

This Decree is focused on supporting of European business in Russia and help foreign highly qualified specialists in returning to Russia for work.

To do this, a foreign citizen should be included in the list that is sent to the Federal Security Service of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia by the federal executive body, which is in charge of the employer of a highly qualified specialist. You can determine who is in charge of your organization according to the branch of your economic activity.

Information sent to the federal executive body must necessarily contain information about the checkpoint through which the border of the Russian Federation will be crossed.

At the same time, highly qualified specialists are required to provide valid identification documents, visas, and valid employment contracts or civil law contracts for the performance of work or the provision of services with the employer or customer of the work (service).

It should also be remembered that foreign citizens who will come to Russia, should comply with the 14-day quarantine.