Restrictive measures against the spread of COVID-19 in Moscow (update)


The Mayor’s decree 103-UM dated 28.10.2020 has prolonged until 15.01.2021 the restrictive measures of the Mayor’s decrees 96-UM as of 01.10.2020 and 97-UM as of 06.10.2020, in particular:

  • To prolong remote work mode for at least 30% of employees; moreover, the obligatory remote work mode is prolonged for all employees over the age of 65, and those, who have diseases according to the list previously adopted by Moscow City Health Department, (except for those employees whose presence at work is critical for the organization);
  • To take measures to minimize employees’ full-time presence at the workplace;
  • To continue submitting information about:
    • the number of employees transferred to a remote work mode (with an indication of numbers of their transport cards “Troika”, mobile phones and state registration numbers of their vehicles);
    • the number of employees who have not been transferred to a remote work mode;
    • the types of activities performed and the place of their performance (indicating the address code from the Federal Information Address System).

It is not necessary to notify the authorities every week about the transferred employees if the information about them has not changed. In case of such changes, up-to-date information in this regard must be provided on the day when the relevant decision is made.

If your company organizes an alternation of remote or shift work, you must provide information about each employee in respect of whom the decision on such a work mode has been made. At the same time, no more than 70% of employees can be at the workplace of the company at one time.

SCHNEIDER GROUP experts recommend you to follow the Mayor’s instructions, as the regulatory authorities selectively check companies for compliance with the current restrictive measures. At the same time, non-compliance with them may entail, for example, bringing the company to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine from RUB 300,000 up to RUB 1 000 000 or even suspending business operations for up to 90 calendar days.