Non-working days in May 2021 – Decree of the President of the Russian Federation

Non-working days in May 2021 – Decree of the President of the Russian Federation

On April 23, 2021, the President of the RF, Vladimir Putin signed the Decree “On the establishment of non-working days in the territory of the Russian Federation in May 2021”, which announces the days from May 4 to May 7, 2021 non-working and paid. On April 26, 2021, the Russian Ministry of Labor issued “Recommendations to employees and employers on non-working days in May 2021″ with clarifications regarding their legal status.

The Decree does not prohibit work on non-working days and prescribes to determine those employees who will ensure the company’s functioning. The Decree applies, in particular, to non-state companies. Thus, the company has the right to determine itself whether to continue working or not and also define a number of working employees for these days. Employees can work remotely, if their labor duties and organizational and technical conditions of work allow it.

Since unpaid working days are neither weekends nor holidays, payment for work on such days (from May 4 to May 7) is carried out in a single amount, regardless of whether the employee worked or not. Days off for work on such days are not provided either.

Salaries (wages) are paid within the time frame established by the company (employer). On non-working days, employees must receive their salaries (wages) no later than the dates set by the company. If the due dates coincide with non-working days, salaries (wages) shall be paid before they start.

If an employee submitted a vacation application, which includes May 4-7, then it shall be neither postponed nor carried forward. These days are included in vacation payments. If the company decides not to work, then the vacation days which are already approved can be postponed at the employee’s request.

If a company decides not to work, then the following aspects must be considered:

  • Salaries (wages) must be paid on April 30.04.2021, if payment days fall on May 1-10, according to internal regulations or employment contracts.
  • Revise cash flow in terms of payments to suppliers, which cannot be carried over to the period after the May holidays.
  • Discuss the postponement of deliveries and shipping dates agreed for this period.
  • Notify employees of the rules for paying for work on such days so that they do not have any expectations of increased pay for the period of work May 4-7.
  • In advance submit statistic reports, as there is still no clarification regarding their postponement from Rosstat.

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