Introduction of dactyloscopic registration for foreign citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan


Starting from 1 January 2024, foreign citizens, starting from the age of 16 are required to undergo mandatory dactyloscopy (fingerprint) registration before obtaining the following documents:

  • visa
  • temporary residence permit (TRP)
  • residence permit (RP)
  • refuge ID and/or travel document
  • deportation or return under readmission agreements (in accordance with concluded international agreements)

Where the dactyloscopy procedure should be carried out

When applying for a visa, TRP, RP within the territory of Kazakhstan, dactyloscopy can be done at the migration service of the city police at the address of the company. When inserting a visa abroad, foreign citizens undergo dactyloscopy in consular offices at the embassies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

How is the dactyloscopy procedure conducted

Fingerprints will be collected on the first come first serve basis. As a result, a certificate of fingerprinting is issued on the spot, which must be attached for further visa, TRP, RP processing.

Documents required for dactyloscopy:

  • Application
  • Original identification document of the foreigner
  • Individual identification number (IIN)

Responsibility for refusing to undergo dactyloscopy

Refusal to undergo mandatory fingerprint registration entails administrative liability in the form of extradition from the country in accordance with art. 443-1 of Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.