Business continuity in times of crisis


Watch the recording of our webinar “The triple crisis -15 questions businesses have” from 30.03.2020

In times of health crises, exceptional circumstances, and serious economic effects, companies should have a crisis management plan. The demands on a company are now immense. To not lose sight of important aspects, we at SCHNEIDER GROUP are ready to help you to face the crisis.

Outsourcing of functions and processes

The crisis has changed the circumstances of regular economic activities and many companies have faced situations they could not have thought of before. Each company is now being challenged by their own particular issues: changes in staff or distribution of responsibilities, import & delivery conditions, payment terms, etc. Whatever function has suffered from the changes, we are ready to take over the mentioned responsibilities to ensure your business continuity.

Second General Director

The physical absence of the General Director (GD) at the workplace may have a massive negative impact on the business. The use of two or more GDs reduces the risk enormously. This supports business continuity in case one General Director cannot fulfill their tasks for any reason. Other areas of activity can be delegated on the basis of a power of attorney (PoA) to independent external persons. This eliminates the problem of local physical presence. We can step in quickly and sign documents or fulfill actions based on a PoA. Also bank authorizations can be transferred.

FX and Budget management

With the current volatile economic situation and fluctuating foreign exchange rates, companies are facing increased expenses, lowered revenues, and budgetary shocks. Foreign currency and budget management is a tool to adapt cash flow and accounting to minimize the negative financial effects of the crisis on a company. Our experts are ready to provide you with the necessary information.

HR Crisis management

The coronavirus pandemic is causing severe consequences for many employers who are coping with quarantines and remote work, but still have to pay salaries and ensure compliance with labor legislation despite the panic. Thus the coronavirus crisis leads to cost and staff reductions and difficult decisions what to do with personnel. We are glad to provide tailor-made HR solutions including how to switch to remote work by preparing a documents package and get through the crisis by reducing labor costs. Our team can help you to solve migration issues and offer outstaffing services. We can guide you through the icebergs and offer possible solutions for your case.

Checking opportunities for government support

The Russian government has introduced measures to support companies during these crisis times. The measures are available for companies of different backgrounds, including small and medium enterprises, legal entities of the most affected sectors, and strategically important enterprises. Based on the latest developments of the crisis situation, the government keeps introducing new and adjusting current measures to help market players. We are glad to assist you and check if governmentsupport is available for your company and take the necessary steps to receive it.