A mandatory mask regime is gradually being introduced in Belarus


On November 12, 2020, at the meeting of the Minsk City Executive Committee, amendments were made to Decision No. 1069 of 07.04.2020, which approved the Action Plan for the prevention and reduction of the spread of acute respiratory infections, including those caused by COVID-19, in Minsk:

  • A mask regime for employees and visitors of all public facilities without exception
  • The mask regime works in public transport and taxis
  • Outdoor mask wear is not required yet
  • The measure is temporary, until the epidemiological situation is stabilized

Currently, administrative liability is provided for the heads of the relevant organizations, while the issue of introducing personal liability for not using masks in public places is being worked out.

The mask regime has also been introduced in other cities and regions of Belarus, for example, in Mogilev, Novopolotsk, Bobruisk, Polotsk region, etc.

Other current measures in Belarus that businesses should consider include:
  • self-isolation for certain categories of people
  • duty-free import of goods into the EAEU, intended to combat COVID-19, provided:
    • registration of goods declarations for placing them under the customs procedure for release for domestic consumption between 01.10.2020 and 31.03.2021
    • confirmed submission of the intended purpose of imported goods to the customs authorities of the EAEU member states
    • state regulation of prices for socially significant goods sold in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, until 31.12.2020
    • measures to support business, approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 143 dated 24.04.2020
    • recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 in organizations approved by the Ministry of Health of Belarus
    • other measures taken for organizations of all forms of ownership in Minsk.