B2B EDI will keep your employees safe


Problem: transferring paper documents increases the risk of contamination

In a pandemic, paper documents greatly increase the risk of infection.
Firstly, when delivered by mail or courier services, documents come into contact with large numbers of people.
Secondly, coronavirus lives on the surfaces of objects for several days.
In this way, the paper held by all those who signed it can be a source of infection and contribute to the spread of the virus.
The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing the way we live. More and more companies are transferring their employees to remote work.

Solution: EDI translates all document exchanges into an electronic format.

Electronic document interchange (EDI) will help companies to reduce the risk of infection and the full transition of employees to remote work. Exchange of legally significant documents, invoices, and acts occur via the Internet.

The documents transferred via EDI do not need to be duplicated on paper. All documents transferred via telecommunications channels through an EDI operator have legal force (Federal Law No. 63-FZ of 06.04.2011). All your documents will be stored in an electronic archive. They will not be lost, burned, or spoiled.

With electronic document circulation you will be able to:

  • Spare employees from the risk of infection through paper document circulation
  • Work with documents from anywhere in the world
  • Receive documents on the day of filing.
  • Not to send the signed documents back – it is enough to sign them through EDI
  • Automate the process of document processing in your account system.
  • Give access to electronic documents to all employees who work with documents and set up the transfer and approval of electronic documents within the company.

Our company has already successfully implemented the transition to EDI with its contractors https://www.diadoc.ru/success/2177.
Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we can help you move quickly with your counterparties to electronic document management at minimal cost.