Annual General Meetings / Approval of 2019’s activity results


We would like to remind you about the obligation to conduct an annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders on the results of activities conducted in 2019.

Which entities have to hold this meeting?

Business entities (Limited Liability Companies, Superadded Liability Companies, Joint Stock Companies).

When should the meeting be held?

  • As prescribed by the company charter, but not later than March 31, 2020.

Items on the agenda for the AGM:

  • Approval of annual reports, statutory financial statements, profit & loss distribution.
  • Election of the board members (if required as per the charter).
  • Nomination of the internal audit committee (auditor).
  • Other matters you would like to resolve.

Approval of annual reports and statutory financial statements should only be made if there is a report from an internal auditor and the report has been taken into consideration at the AGM.

When there is only one (sole) shareholder:

  • All items on the agenda (i.e. annual reports, statutory financial statements, etc.) must be approved by the resolution of the sole shareholder, and consideration of a report from internal auditor is also required.