Belarus | Crossing the State border of Belarus is restricted starting November 1 due to COVID-19


Since November 1, 2020, as per Belarusian Government Regulation dd. 30.10.2020 No 624 “On Measures to Prevent the Infectious Disease Spread”:

1) Entrance to Belarus has been temporarily suspended for foreign citizens and stateless persons through:

  • the highway
  • simplified checkpoints
  • checkpoints at the railway stations
  • river ports

2) Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, as well as foreigners who have the right to permanent or temporary residence in Belarus, spouses, parents or children of the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, who have arrived from ”the countries of red zone” (i.e. included in the list of countries where COVID-19 cases are registered (hereinafter – the List)) have to be on self-isolation for 10 calendar days after their arrival to Belarus and may not subsequently cross the State border of Belarus until the self-isolation term expires. The List is constantly being updated and further amendments can also take place considering the current epidemiological situation in foreign countries and the measures taken by them to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The entrance ban does not apply to:

  • foreigners who have right to permanent or temporary residence in Belarus
  • foreigners who have awork permit or certifying documents for labour activity in Belarus
  • foreigners who grant international free aid to the Republic of Belarus
  • RF citizens who return in transit through Belarus to Russia, etc.

Persons who have arrived in Belarus after business trips, drivers of vehicles intended for international road carriage, for international post carriage etc. do not have to self-isolate.

SCHNEIDER GROUP Minsk experts will be happy to provide you with professional support in different issues connected with the current epidemiological situation, for example, providing interim management services, consultations on migration and labour law, regarding measures to prevent and decrease the spread of COVID-19, using their experience and competencies for the success of your business.

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