Office launch event in Russia

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2015 saw the opening of a Russian office for SLM Solutions. We planned a turnkey grand opening celebration. The event drew more than 70 prospective customers. As a result of the event, the company's image as a business partner in the Russian market has been enhanced.


The challengeThe solutionThe result

The challenge

In order to improve customer service for customers in Russia, SLM Solutions established an office in Russia towards the end of 2015. It intended to make a formal announcement and celebrate the occasion with consumers and partners. The company had a modest number of employees in Russia at the time, who were also involved in sales and customer service. They required professional assistance with the time-consuming task of preparing and coordinating the opening ceremony.

The solution

SCHNEIDER GROUP took over the organising process for the SLM Solutions office opening ceremony in Moscow on 11 February 2016. We devised the ceremony's concept and handled the responsibilities of arranging the event, including booking the hotel and catering, guest registration, decorations and the creation of graphic materials. As experts in business event management, the event programme was also meticulously organised and coordinated by the SCHNEIDER GROUP team.

The result

Representatives from SLM Solutions Moscow and their head office continued to focus on their core objectives during the run-up to the event and did not lose time dealing with organisational concerns.
The coordination of launch event was delegated to SCHNEIDER GROUP experts during the event so that SLM Solutions team could focus entirely on their guests, ensuring a successful office launch.

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