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The markets between Europe and Asia, with their huge geographical area and resources, offer many growth opportunities for domestic and foreign companies from various industries.
In these times of sanctions, reforms, and market liberalisation, numerous incentives have been developed for investors and foreign companies. In recent years, many western European companies have increasingly relocated their own local production to Russia and other CIS countries as an alternative to pure exports and have benefited from the positive development in the Eurasian region.
From the first steps in the market, to a step-by-step expansion of your business, to the opening of your own local production facility – we always pay attention to all essential details and country-specific peculiarities to ensure the success of your investment.

5 steps to localization and beyond

Step 1:

Feasibility study – as a basis for decisions about your business commitment

  • cost-benefit calculations
  • wage costs
  • transport routes
  • tax aspects

Step 2:

Supplier analysis as the first stage of business infrastructure development for later local production

  • search
  • market research – suppliers and customers
  • logistics investigation – suppliers and customers
  • quality inspections
  • audits

Step 3:

  • Tax and legal advice – protection for every case
  • due diligence
  • company registration
  • analysis of tax incentives
  • analysis of investment subsidies

Step 4:

Location analysis for the best connection of your production to the grid

  • special economic zones
  • industrial parks
  • clusters
  • regions
  • contract manufacturing
  • build-to-suit, brownfield, and greenfield


Step 5:

Realisation – the home straight at the start of production

  • engineering and planning
  • product certifications
  • IT and ERP
  • certification
  • import & export
  • office structures
  • partnerships

Ongoing support

We remain at your side

Our back-office services are always available, during localization and beyond.


Of course, all SCHNEIDER GROUP services are available to you after successful localisation. We will continue to actively support your business with the following services:

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Dr. Thomas Mundry
Partner, Legal, Tax & Interim Management, Moscow
+7 / 495 / 956 55 57

Russia – with its huge geographical area offers domestic and foreign companies from various industries many growth opportunities, which have been profitably exploited by many Western European companies producing locally for years.


Kirill Afanasyev
Partner, Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Atyrau
+7 / 727 / 355 44 48

Kazakhstan – the second largest member of the Eurasian Economic Union is geographically located between the production markets in Asia and the primary consumer markets in Europe, guaranteeing immense transit traffic through the country and a role connecting the two markets.


Nodir Ayupov
Director, Tashkent
+998 / 71 /120 44 30

Uzbekistan – the Central Asian country is currently liberalizing both politically and legally, has rich and diverse natural resources, low debt with favorable foreign exchange reserves, and an ambitious public investment program from which your business can benefit.