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Work Permit and Visa for Belarus

Unless you are a Russian, Armenian or Kazakh citizen, you will need a work permit in order to work in Belarus.

The application process for a working permission includes several steps and has to be planned in detail.

Depending on the purpose for which a foreign manager travels, he needs a special visa. For example, there is a differentiation between a working-visa and a business visa. The last one does not allow working, but is restricted to business-trips. Business visa may be issued with a validity of one year, but only allow 90 days of stay in the country within the whole year.

We would be delighted to advice you on the process and to take it over for you.

How long will it take?

The application processes for a work permit and respective visa invitation takes 14 – 16 working days after all documents have been submitted to the Migration Services. Issuing a work visa at the Belarusian consulate might take up to 10 days.

Visa Support

Most foreigners need a visa to come to Belarus, granting permission to enter and leave the country while differing in type depending on the purpose of the visit. In order to apply for a visa at the Belarusian consulate in your home country, you need to have a visa invitation issued by an authorized Belarusian company. We offer our clients invitations for different kinds of visas.

When doing business in Belarus, there are usually two visa types that are most interesting: business visa and working visa. While the later enables you to work in Belarus, a business visa does not allow you to be officially employed in this country. It is restricted to business trips and even though it might be issued with a validity of 1 year, it allows you to stay in the country for 90 days only within a 180-days period. For a year this means a stay of maximum 180 days.

SCHNEIDER GROUP would be delighted to advise you on immigration issues in Belarus, to obtain work permits for you and your employees and offer support in visa matters.