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ERP systems in Russia

When expanding their business into the Russian market, many companies that already have a network of representative offices and subsidiaries in different countries are confronted with the need to choose an appropriate accounting system in Russia. In many cases 1C is chosen as an ERP system provider. But the implementation of an ERP system in Russia often requires much time and resources.

This is a result of strict regulations and demands of accounting in Russia, for example:

  • Strict specifications for the chart of accounts and document forms
  • Significant differences between Russian accounting regulations and international standards
  • Necessity to conduct separate tax accounting in parallel to regular accounting
  • Cyrillic script

1C is the local IT integrator that provides a cheap and fast implementing solution for the SME market. The company offers an accounting software, which also includes Russian tax regulations.

1C in Russia

1C accounting software for Russia

The company 1C has a strong position on the software market for the automation of business processes and accountancy in Russia. There is a broad range of 1C standard solutions, ranging from automation of accountancy of a small company to entire ERP systems. This enables companies of different sizes and sectors to choose the optimum solution.

SCHNEIDER GROUP is leading a number of projects in the area of the integration of local 1C- systems with the ERP systems of the parent company. We develop interfaces in which the data transmission occurs in different formats (XML, XLS, CSV, TXT and others):

  • Nomenclature of goods and price lists
  • Customer orders
  • Receipt of goods and services
  • Sale of goods and services
  • Outgoing VAT- invoices

Also, interfaces for downloading customs declarations from customs brokers and for the exchange of information with logistics companies are developed during integration projects. International companies that implement 1C in their daughter companies in Russia are confronted with the problem of control and transparency in accountancy due to a lack of knowledge of the Russian language and local accounting standards.

SCHNEIDER GROUP simplifies work for users that are less familiar with the Russian language and Russian accounting standards by:

  • Drawing up management reports according to corporate requirements (Sales Statistics, Reports, Bad Debt Aging Report)
  • Translating standard reports from Russian into other languages (English, German, French)
  • Accounting within 1C according to international/in- house standards

For companies that do their accounting according to IFRS or US GAAP, SCHNEIDER GROUP offers the installation of an additional module that enables parallel accounting according to
international or in- house standards.

This enables the efficient creation of reports such as:

  • Balance sheet (fully extensive balance of the assets and liabilities of the company)
  • Profits & loss (Profits and loss + financial analysis)
  • Cash flow statement
  • Debts and liquidity report
  • Typical turnover and balance lists according to IFRS.

Advantages of the implementation:

  • Automation of parallel accounting according to international standards
  • Information for managerial decisions
  • Quicker and more accurate creation of reports for managers and stakeholders
  • Minimization of double posting
  • Transparency and financial control

Furthermore, we can develop interfaces that make it possible to transfer data from 1C into the corporate ERP system for the consolidation of financial results and reports.

Typical application solutions for Russian companies on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform

Accounting Software 1C

In order to extract a useful business analysis from accounting, the software needs to be adapted and this adaptation needs to be automatic. Our IT-business analysts can offer several solutions:

  • Adaptations of the Russian software 1C to give you the possibility to extract your required business reports. For example, we create parallel account structures and connect them automatically, so that next to the pre-defined Russian account structure you can also use a company-internal one. In this second internal structure corrective bookings may be done, in order to obtain an accounting report that follows Western standards.
  • Another parallel approach is to create interfaces between the program 1C and other programs within some ERP-system.

The typical 1C solutions are designed to automate common tasks of accounting and business management of companies operating in Russia. In developing the application solutions modern international management techniques (MRP II, CRM, SCM, ERP, ERP II et al.) were considered as well as real needs of enterprises that do not fit into a standard set of functionality of these techniques, and the experience of successful automation gained from 1C and its partner community.

The composition of the functionality included in the sample solutions, has been designed carefully. 1C analyzes the experience of users who use the program 1C: Enterprise and keeps track of their needs.

  • 1C Accounting 8 (incl. CORP version, basic version and special supply base version 1C: Simplified taxation 8 and 1C: Entrepreneur 8)
  • Trade Management (incl. the base version)
  • 1C: Retail 8 (incl. the base version)
  • 1C: Salary and personnel management 8 (incl. CORP version and basic version)
  • 1C: Complex Automation 8
  • and much more
1C Information technology support (ITS)

Information and Technological Support (short: ITS) – is a comprehensive customer support software of 1C, which includes:

  • compact disks with ITS technology information, methodical and advisory materials;
  • services of our 1C partners, thanks to which it becomes possible to receive the latest 1C updates and the most current version of the program;
  • additional services, which allow the user to do work in 1C in a most convenient, efficient and comfortable way.

The effective use of financial and economic programs largely depends on the quality of their operational and maintenance. Through ITS users of 1C are able to receive regular and timely advice, methodological and technological support for 1C software products.

By becoming a subscriber of ITS, you can save your time and money and improve your competence. Due to the wide selection of advisory and training materials on the compact disks of ITS, you can improve your knowledge of the functionality of the 1C software, using most modern methods for accounting. ITS disks are always at hand and are designed for a wide range of users.

If you did not find the answer to your questions on the disk – it does not matter: use our additional free services. All ITS subscribers have access to the most current information needed for work in 1C. The materials of the compact disks are regularly updated online, so you always stay up to date regarding news and recent legislation changes. Even without the ITS disk, all necessary information can be obtained online.

Unique Labelling

Unique Labelling

By 2020-21 most consumer goods in  the Russian market will have to be labelled. We provide a leading solution in terms of covering all necessary processes with Russian state systems and integration of a Unique Labelling accounting with most used ERP systems in Russia – 1C and SAP.

The core software solution which connects to Russia’s state service provider CRPT was developed by our partner MarkingHub using cutting edge software technologies. It  provides a powerful Unique Labelling platform for a large volume of labelled goods (more than 100 million per year). Please see additional information (in Russian language) here:

To ensure our solution’s necessary level of reliability and performance we use SAP Cloud Platform, which has been designed for such resource-intensive applications.  Furthermore, integration with the ERP system of a large enterprise requires a seamless connection of Unique Labelling with the business processes. Existing data interfaces are utilized to handle Unique Codes in older ERP products within the 1C, SAP product lineup, which may not support integration with other modern Unique Labelling solutions.

Last but not least, we offer our expertise in creating global Track and Trace solutions for small and medium businesses to cover labelling, tracking and tracing of materials, components and finished goods throughout geographies and business process landscapes. An intelligent EDI network helps to integrate unique codes into the global supply chain of an enterprise.

Accounting in SAP in Russia

If a foreign company wants to enter the Russian market it should manage its accountancy in accordance with local legislation. Companies constantly face the question of whether they should apply their corporate ERP-system, which is usually SAP ECC, to their subsidiary, or implement a local solution, which is, in most cases, using the widespread Russian system; 1C. Nevertheless, there is an alternative option: Accounting outsourcing using SCHNEIDER-GROUP’s SAP-Templates.

IT Hotline & System Administration in Russia

IT Hotline & System Administration in Russia

With our IT-Hotline and System Administration Service we offer an indispensable support for the smooth business operations especially for smaller and middle-sized companies. Our experts can be reached by phone from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Our System Administration takes over the following tasks among others:

  • Checking your existing computer-network
  • Planning an alternative computer-network
  • Coordination of purchasing your complete hard- and software
  • Configuration and installation of the acquired hard- and software
  • Periodical monitoring and securing of an efficient computer-network