IT / ERP systems in Kazakhstan

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers IT / ERP infrastructure
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IT Consulting in Kazakstan

The SCHNEIDER GROUP provides a range of services targeted on clients without dedicated IT personnel. Our specialists will consult you on any question related to IT topics. The consulting may be related to equipment purchase, software functioning or testing of possible IT personnel.

Our services will rendered by a team of professionals from Kazakhstan and our Russian headquarter. We provide our services not only by phone and personally, but also by business trips to clients offices around Kazakhstan.

1C Software in Kazakhstan

1C: Enterprise 8 software is intended for the automation of everyday enterprise activities: various business tasks, such as management, statutory and tax accounting, HR management, CRM, SRM, MRP, etc.

There is a great number of business applications developed on 1C:Enterprise platform. More than 30 ready-to-use business applications supplied for a wide range of tasks: accounting, sales and warehouse, payroll calculation and HR management, manufacturing and financial planning, accounting and reporting for private entrepreneurs, public sector accounting, report consolidation, accounting in non-profit organizations and others.

1C: Enterprise has a wide range of development options for business processes automation and integration with third-part software.

IT Development in Kazakhstan

We provide development services for 1C: Enterprise software. Basically we are able to serve any request of clients depending on existing systems and available data. Development may include automation of processes, creation of reports and development of output forms. Our extensive experience allows us to create the most efficient solutions for any business process.

We perform development processes in accordance with latest industry practices. This includes creation of clients’ documentation and proper comments within the technical part. Such approach allows us to create a standalone product which can be transferred to another supplier without any difficulties.

Our services spread from initial project documentation to post-project support.

IT Integration in Kazakhstan

Foreign companies generally do not use 1C: Enterprise. However, local accounting and tax processes are so complicated that it would be too costly to adopt corporate systems to local standards. Usage of 1C reduces start-up cost, but requires additional effort from client employees to create corporate reporting.

We offer an integration services with virtually any system which has import\export ability. The successful integrations include SUN, SAP, Navision and Axapta.

Additional product which we integrate in our services is ITAN module. It allows creation of a parallel accounting on clients chart of accounts. Internal function makes automatically a second posting according to earlier created rules, which removes additional workload of accounting personnel.

IT Support in Kazakhstan

Any successful project includes post-project support. We provide support services for our clients based on our knowledge and additional due diligence of client´s internal processes. Support services can be provided on 24/7 basis upon request.