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Accounting Automation - ERP in Belarus

Since Belarusian accounting is mainly influenced by tax regulations, it is highly formalistic. This contributes to the fact, that from Belarusian accounting no meaningful managerial reporting are extracted by default.

The company 1C offers an accounting software, which also includes Belarusian tax regulations. Thereby the company holds a quasi-monopoly. However, in its standard version the program is not well-suited for financial analysis.

In order to extract a useful business analysis from accounting, the software needs to be adapted and the adaptation needs to be automatic.

Our IT-business analysts can offer several solutions:

  • Adaptations of the Belarusian software 1C to give you the possibility to extract your required business reports. For example, we create parallel account structures and connect them automatically, so that next to the pre-defined Belarusian account structure you can also use a company-internal one. In this second internal structure corrective bookings may be done, in order to obtain an accounting-report that follows Western standards;
  • Another parallel approach is to create interfaces between the program 1C and other programs within some ERP-system.

We will be delighted to provide you with advice on an individual solution for your company.

IT-Hotline and System Administration in Belarus

With our Hotline and System Administration Service we offer an indispensable support for the smooth business operations especially for smaller and middle-sized companies. Our experts can be reached by phone from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Our System Administration take over the following tasks among others:

  • Checking your existing computer-network,
  • Planning an alternative computer-network,
  • Coordination of purchasing your complete hard- and software,
  • Configuration and installation of the acquired hard- and software,
  • Periodical monitoring and securing of an efficient computer-network.

Accounting in SAP in Belarus

If a foreign company wants to enter the Belarus market it should manage its accountancy in accordance with local legislation. Companies constantly face the question of whether they should apply their corporate ERP-system, which is usually SAP ECC, to their subsidiary, or implement a local solution, which is, in most cases, using the widespread system; 1C. Nevertheless, there is an alternative option: Accounting outsourcing using SCHNEIDER-GROUP’s SAP-Templates.

SAP is perfect for you if:
What does it include?

We offer the following services for accounting outsourcing in SAP for Belarus:

  • Accounting outsourcing in SCHNEIDER GROUP’s SAP-Template for SMEs
  • Compliance with local legal requirements
  • Accounting and Tax accounting in SAP (including VAT and electronic tax returns)
  • Purchases and sales in SAP
  • Product management in SAP
  • Controlling and performance analysis in SAP

If necessary:

  • Rollout of your company’s SAP solution, including production & manufacturing in SAP
  • Enhancements / interfaces / ABAP programming
Advantages of SAP compared to local software
  • Transparency and compliance – you understand what is going on
  • Intelligibility and comparability of numbers
  • Harmonized business processes according to your standards, not only in accounting
  • Language support
  • Differentiated configuration of roles and responsibilities through SAP authorization concept
  • Perfect for massive data volumes
…sounds good? With us it gets even better!

Our accountants and consultants have many years of experience which has been incorporated into our SAP-Template. Apart from Russian, we speak German and English fluently and pay a lot of attention to efficiency. If, due to the size of your company and its activity, you prefer your own SAP-solution, our consultants and accountants will help you during all the stages of your project: from design and technical implementation to providing ongoing support and training for your employees and keeping your records.