Manufacturing localisation

Planning localisation or expanding your existing manufacturing facilities in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia or Uzbekistan?
The Russian and CIS market offers both international and national companies an array of development opportunities. In Russia, many goods that are purchased by government agencies and majority of government-owned companies are legally required to be made in Russia, incentivising international companies to establish local manufacturing facilities. The variety of programmes that aim to stimulate local manufacturing and the availability of skilled labour also make localisation projects attractive for investment.

SCHNEIDER GROUP provides comprehensive support for manufacturing expansion. We will:

  • Analyze localization criteria that apply to your products and check whether these criteria can be met
  • Prepare an overview of existing incentives and business support measures
  • Support negotiations and ensure effective communication between your business, site management and financial institutions
  • Calculate cost-effectiveness and help your business decide whether a greenfield or brownfield site is preferable
  • Obtain necessary documentation to confirm the local origins of your product e.g. “Made in Russia” certification

What you get

We will assess the localisation rules that apply to your product(s) to establish if and how these criteria can be met, taking into account which components you plan to import and which can be purchased locally, and what manufacturing operations need to take place in Russia for your business to participate in government tenders. If these criteria are met, we can help you to obtain “Made in Russia” confirmation.
Based on your terms of reference, we will list requirements for the site in terms of its size, transport accessibility, possible restrictions and necessary engineering and logistics infrastructure. We will analyse available sites, and draw up a list of recommended options, taking into account tax preferences and available support measures.
Working with your business, we will inspect the sites chosen. We will help prepare a pitch presenting the project and organise meetings with the management of industrial parks and regional authorities. If required, we can arrange for simultaneous interpreting at negotiations. We will carry out due diligence on the chosen site to minimise risks.
We will prepare necessary documents for the registration of a legal entity and complete the registration procedure for you. We will draw up or adapt your business plan for the investment project. If a project requires external funding, we will organise meetings with public and private investors. We will provide communication support to obtain better terms and interest rates.
We will help you to obtain a construction permit and select and examine a construction contractor (including their financial situation, licences and certificates for construction and installation work). If required, we will organise a tender to select a contractor. We will provide consultations on design and construction contracts / turnkey contracts.
We will organise the importation of manufacturing equipment and its certification for import into Russia, as well as efficient logistics for delivering it to  your site. When planning logistics, we will take into account regional climactic zones and seasonal transport options. We will support your business in drafting complex trilateral engineering, procurement and construction contracts.

Why Schneider group

SCHNEIDER GROUP is well-versed in existing business support programmes in Russia and the CIS countries. We have extensive experience working with industrial and science parks, special economic zones and single-industry towns. We always recommend the best site option for your business, accounting for the specifics of your manufacturing operations.
We support your business in negotiations, acting as your representative in communication with site management to protect your interests. Thanks to our knowledge of local law, we can help your business obtain incentives and benefits such as reimbursement from the federal budget of money spent on infrastructure rehabilitation.
A dedicated SCHNEIDER GROUP manager accompanies your business throughout the localisation project, liaising with all parties involved at every stage of the project. This saves considerable time in communicating with and introducing new partners in the project.
We are accommodating. We can either carry out a turnkey project or provide selected services if you already have preferred partners in certain areas. We analyse and assess the prospects of entering particular geographical markets in order to select a suitable country/region for localisation.