Accounting and reporting in Poland

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Accounting outsourcing in Poland

Advantages of outsourcing your accounting in Poland

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers you the possibility of outsourcing all of your accounting in Poland. Especially for smaller and medium-sized enterprises, accounting outsourcing will lead to higher cost efficiency and will enable you to focus on your core business in Poland. Accounting outsourcing includes daily bookings and preparation of documents and reports for the Polish tax and social authorities.

High complexity of Polish accounting

Polish accounting and reporting is relatively formalistic and bureaucratic. Tax regulations are strictly enforced by the tax authorities in Poland and it resembles Western accounting. Combined with the obligation to file complete reports on a regular basis, the effort that needs to be put into accounting in Poland is significant.

Our services in Polish accounting and tax reporting are:

  • Conducting all daily bookings
  • Accounting of fixed assets
  • Salary accounting
  • Reporting to Polish tax authorities, including preparation of all relevant closings and reports to social and health security authorities
  • Calculation and reporting of all types of taxes
  • Filing bank reports
  • Consulting on daily accounting and taxation matters
  • Preparation of all HR documents demanded by Polish law

Payroll accounting in Poland

Overview of payroll accounting in Poland

Payroll accounting in Poland is an integral part of the accounting and taxation system. The Polish payroll accounting includes preparing various, extensive documents about personnel administration such as health and safety regulations and/or medical screenings.

Payroll accounting in Poland – complexity and opacity

Payroll accounting regulations in Poland are unique and therefore the need for payroll specialists in the Polish market is enormous. Sitations where the law can be interpreted in a number of ways raises the need for experienced experts and consultants who combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Complex and opaque calculations in Polish payroll accounting are often very problematic for employers.

Our services for payroll accounting in Poland include:

  • Calculation of salary and tax payments
  • Calculation and preparation of personal income tax returns
  • Calculation and preparation of returns for medical, word fund, and social security contributions