Accounting and reporting in Kazakhstan

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers accounting outsourcing and other back office services.
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Accounting outsourcing in Kazakhstan

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers you a wide range of accounting services, including outsourcing of your entire accounting department. Our professionals provide services to companies operating in different industries and deal with accounting in such fields as construction, retail, forwarding, subsoil, pharmaceuticals, and trade.

Our accounting and tax specialists help you perform all necessary daily business operations, which include the following:

  • Accounting bookkeeping. We will help you concentrate on your business development and provide you with all necessary bookkeeping details in the most effective and flexible way.
  • Payroll accounting. We can calculate your salary in compliance with Kazakh and international legislation.
  • Import-Export transactions. We can help you arrange all necessary bookkeeping details for your international business transactions to comply with Kazakh law.
  • Tax compliance. We can help you not only with calculation of your taxes, but also with optimization and review of tax risks of all your operations.
  • Management Reports. Our Company is proficient in preparing reports with all necessary requirements of your head office.
  • Accounting rebuilding. We cannot audit your bookkeeping, but we can help you rebuild your accounting database to be complaint with IFRS and Tax Legislation.
  • Accounting policy. We can develop an accounting policy for you according to the International Financial Reporting Standards.

Reporting and Taxation in Kazakhstan

Reporting in Kazakhstan, as well as taxation, is very complex because Kazakh accounting is not predominantly influenced by commercial law, but by tax regulations. Kazakh accounting is thus extremely formalistic.

Our accounting services help you prepare all necessary reports as required by the tax and reporting system in Kazakhstan. Apart from compiling reports for Kazakh authorities, we can also prepare summaries for you in German and English.

Payroll Accounting in Kazakhstan

Payroll outsourcing is a business practice that involves contracting a business service to handle all the functions related to a company’s payroll.

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers comprehensive payroll services and payroll outsourcing in Kazakhstan:

  • Calculation of salary including benefits based on the labor agreements, timesheets, internal orders, expense reports, and other information provided by the client
  • Calculation of payments for sick leave, vacation, and unused vacation
  • Preparation of payment orders or SWIFT files for salary and payroll taxes
  • Preparation of individual pay slips with detailed information on monthly salary calculations
  • Preparation of payroll register reports that show all salary details
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns to the tax authorities related to individual and payroll taxes
  • Preparation and submission of payroll-related statistical returns to the statistical authorities
  • Internal salary reports requested by the client

With SCHNEIDER GROUP your company will save on overheads and improve accuracy and efficiency of the payroll process by using the most cost effective payroll service and team.

With SCHNEIDER GROUP your company will make it possible to manage the payroll process without the need to maintain a large payroll department.

SCHNEIDER GROUP´s highly qualified specialists provide flexible service that will respect your preferences, systems, and methods of working. We help increase the quality of your product and profitability of your business. We simplify the complexities and offer comprehensive and best practice payroll services.

5 reasons to do payroll with SCHNEIDER GROUP
  1. We apply the 4-eye principle
  2. We do not only process payroll calculations, but advise on related tax and compliance matters
  3. We build efficient and clear payroll and HR business processes
  4. We introduce optimization via automation of routine operations and data exchange (e.g. electronic payslips)
  5. We work with almost all common ERP systems

We are a proven partner of many global payroll providers.

IFRS in Kazakhstan

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) have become the common language for financial reporting worldwide. Organizations need to proactively manage the impact of these principles-based standards on the reporting of their complex transactions. They also need to stay up to date on the constant evolution of IFRSs.

The most important differences at a glance:

  • IFRS implies substance over form.
  • IFRS stipulates presentation of most items at fair value.
  • IFRS implies special treatment of revenues generated per long-term contracts.
  • IFRS provides more opportunities to treat items omitted or not-recorded in local GAAP.

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s IFRS experts provide the following service to its clients:

  • Preparation of financial reports for HQ according to IFRS on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • Tax package including monthly deferred income tax position in compliance with IAS 12
  • Developing and implementing a continuous accounting methodology in accordance with IFRS, taking into account the specifics of the software and ERP systems used in the company
  • Developing and testing of individual documents: IFRS accounting policies, financial statements, charts of accounts, formats for IFRS disclosures
  • Elaboration and preparation of management reports
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Analysis of deviations
  • Implementation of management accounting systems, development of reporting methodology
  • Defending financial statements to auditors and providing accounting support when working with investment banks, rating agencies, creditors, investors, and other interested parties
  • Preparation of recommendations on how to continue with the IFRS transition
  • Conducting IFRS training and education programs for company employees
  • Organizing seminars and consulting with the client’s employees on accounting standards in order to prepare financial statements in accordance with high standards
  • Implementing our automated reporting system in accordance with IFRS

Management Reporting in Kazakhstan

Management reporting reflects a true and fair view of the business affairs of an organization. As statements are used by various constituents of the society / regulators, they need to indicate a true view of the financial position of the organization and are very helpful to check the financial position of the business for a specific period. As experts in the field of financial analysis, SCHNEIDER GROUP will help you to generate various types of management reports:

  • Management reports according to group requirements
  • Simple aggregate amount and account balance in German or English, supplemented with comments on balances that would be different according to Western standards
  • Reports with a split by cost centers
  • Short summaries in German or English about the numbers that show results from the reports for Kazakh authorities.