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The team of SCHNEIDER GROUP consists of about 500 experts who combine a western management mindset with local know-how. We are there for you in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Germany, speaking your language. Feel free to get in touch.

Ulf Schneider, Managing Partner

Ulf Schneider is the founder and Managing Partner of SCHNEIDER GROUP. The group has offices in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Belarus (Minsk), Ukraine (Kyiv), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Aktau, Astana), Poland (Warsaw) and Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin) and provides consulting services to Western companies with a major focus on practical support in such areas as Legal Entity Set-Up, Accounting Outsourcing, Import, Internal Audit / Due Diligence, IT, Interim Management, Taxation and ERP-Setup.

Ulf Schneider is Managing Director and Publisher of the owc Foreign Trade Publishing House.

Before setting up SCHNEIDER GROUP, Ulf Schneider worked as CFO in the Moscow office of Allianz Insurance Company. During that time he led projects in financial management with focus on restructuring.

After studying economics in Kiel and at the University of Illinois Ulf Schneider worked for 5 years with Procter & Gamble in financial management, corporate taxation and planning. His assignments where at different places in Germany and also in Brussels, Belgium.

Ulf Schneider has made many presentations at different seminars and congresses on the following topics:

  • Economic development in the Russian speaking countries and Poland
  • Business Set-up and Development in the Russian speaking countries
  • Due Diligence, Taxation and Accounting – What to consider when operating in the Russian speaking countries and Poland
  • Common Economic Space from Lisbon to Vladivostok
  • New Silk Road project and implications for all countries involved
Lars Flottrong, Director-Partner at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Lars Flottrong is Director – Partner of the Moscow office of SCHNEIDER GROUP. With his knowledge in economics and the expertise he gathered during his extensive work experience, Mr. Flottrong provides all of SCHNEIDER GROUP’s services to our clients and consults them in Russian, English or German.

Before joining SCHNEIDER GROUP, Lars Flottrong worked as Finance Director in the Moscow office of ED&F Man, one of the world largest physical commodity trading companies. During that time he was responsible for accounting, tax and finance aspects of the Russian operations, including production.

After studying economics at the Moscow State University of International Relations, Lars Flottrong worked with international companies in both Russia and Germany at a senior level.

Lars Flottrong has made many presentations and workshops all over the world on the following topics:

Market entry in Russia

  • Business Set-up and Development
  • Economic development and chances for exporting companies & investors
  • Finance structuring of business
  • Accounting & taxes in Russia
Kirill Afanasyev is Director at SCHNEIDER GROUP in Almaty

Kirill Afanasyev is the General Director of our SCHNEIDER GROUP office in Almaty. Together with his team of more than 40 experts, he provides our services to more than 60 multinational companies operating in Kazakhstan in various industries, such as construction, telecommunication, FMCG, subsurface use, logistics, consulting, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and others.

In 2009, Mr. Afanasyev started as a Senior Tax Expert at SCHNEIDER GROUP after having worked in numerous companies, the most recent being Ernst & Young.

After his development within SCHNEIDER GROUP, he now continues to share his expertise in the sphere of taxes with professional tax presentations, speeches, articles and at our SCHNEIDER GROUP events.

Furthermore, Mr. Afanasyev uses his strengths to build and manage effective client relations and develop our business on the market in Kazakhstan. With his knowledge of the peculiarities regarding business in Kazakhstan, he has also supported the Canada-Eurasia-Russia Business Association (CERBA) as a Board Member since 2014. In representing CERBA in exhibitions, round tables, forums and organizing events, he is working on the development of the relations between Canadian and Kazakhstani businesses.

Yuri Donets is Director at SCHNEIDER GROUP in Kyiv

Yuri Donets is the Director of the Ukrainian office of SCHNEIDER GROUP and responsible for providing our services to clients in this region. With his extensive business experience, including setting up operations, crisis management and successful implementation of world-class financial controls, he is especially skilled in Commercial, Finance and G&A matters.

Before joining SCHNEIDER GROUP and after his economic studies, Mr. Donets climbed the corporate latter through several finance and general management positions within well-known multinational businesses, the most recent of which being SC Johnson.

Mr. Donets has already gathered much experience in the commercial activity of Ukrainian operations, customer leadership, growth benchmarks and SAP projects, including multi-tier production, exports, imports and local trade. His expertise additionally includes the areas of

  • Risk mitigation,
  • Contingency planning,
  • Implementation of anticorruption procedures, and
  • FCPA-related documentation.

Furthermore, Mr. Donets has given several presentations on behalf of SCHNEIDER GROUP, including giving speeches in the fields of:

  • Business development
  • Finance and
  • Risk mitigation solutions
Adrian Branny is General Director at SCHNEIDER GROUP Warsaw

Adrian Branny is the General Director of the SCHNEIDER GROUP office in Poland and responsible for offering all our services at our Warsaw office. He is a Polish certified Tax Advisor with more than 12 years of professional experience in

  • Income Taxation,
  • VAT & Tax Planning,
  • M&A Transactions.

In addition, Mr. Branny is a World Bank consultant in the area of corporate income tax in Poland.

Before joining SCHNEIDER GROUP, Mr. Branny was an associate in the tax department of Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak Legal Office and worked as a Tax Manager for Deloitte in Poland in the Corporate Tax and Litigation team for more than 8 years.

He graduated from the Law Faculty at the Warsaw University, where he got his Ph.D. in tax law.

Due to his expertise acquired within his education and work experience, Mr. Branny was a speaker at a number of conferences and is giving presentations on topics related to

  • Business set- up in Poland,
  • Polish taxation
  • Accounting environment.
Natalia Shulzhenko is Head of Office at SCHNEIDER GROUP Minsk

Natalya Shulzhenko is a Head of Office at SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Minsk office, and holds a Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards “DipIFR-Rus АССА”. She has substantial experience advising clients on Belarussian:

  • Accounting,
  • Taxation,
  • Current regulations for permanent establishments,
  • Practice of double tax treaties.

After her Diploma in Accounting, Controlling, Analysis & Audit at the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics & Informatics, Ms. Shulzhenko gained experience as a Chief Accountant in different Western companies and representative offices across a wide range of industries, including energy, construction, manufacturing, distribution and the service sector.

Ms. Shulzhenko joined SCHNEIDER GROUP in 2009 and has since made many presentations at seminars and conferences on the following topics:

  • Peculiarities of Belarusian taxation,
  • Things to consider when importing into Belarus,
  • Accounting, taxes, and reporting – differences between subsidiaries and representative offices
Yulia Sudnik works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Yuliya Sudnik is a Project Specialist and the Chinese Country Desk Manager of SCHNEIDER GROUP and is based out of the Minks office. She has been the primary point of contact for many of our clients since 2013 and communicates with them in English, German, Chinese, and Russian.

As the Chinese Country Desk Manager, Ms. Sudnik helps SCHNEIDER GROUP participate in meetings with current and potential Chinese clients, developing our business direction and also providing communication support during negotiations and cooperation. As a Project Specialist, Ms. Sudnik provides our clients with consulting services in the area of payments, invoices and other documents.

Before joining SCHNEIDER GROUP, Ms. Sudnik gathered lot a significant amount of knowledge over more than four years of studying abroad for her Master’s Degree and getting to know the peculiarities of the cultures she lived in. With her experiences in Germany and China and her further development in Belarus, she helps to provide SCHNEIDER GROUP’s services for German, Russian, and Chinese clients.

Sergey Odintsov works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Sergey Odintsov is currently responsible for our Tax and Legal Department at SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Minsk office, where he provides all of services to Western companies. He has a particular proficiency on practical support in such areas as legal entity set-up, restructuring, investment consulting, taxation and tax advisory.

Odintsov is a tax and legal expert with more than 13 years of extensive experience in

  • Tax and legal advisory,
  • Business set up and restructuring,
  • Corporate and commercial law,
  • Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Foreign investments,
  • Corporate and indirect taxation,
  • International taxation and tax structuring.


Before joining SCHNEIDER GROUP, Mr. Odintsov worked at numerous professional service companies, including one of the Big Four in Belarus. He advised international and local clients working in such economy sectors as engineering & construction, oil & gas, transportation & logistics, retail & consumer, pharmaceuticals, IT and others.


Starting from 2006, Mr. Odintsov has been closely working together with the IFC and World Bank on the Doing Business project by contributing his expertise to Paying Taxes Surveys for Belarus. Furthermore, he participated in a number of promo events and business conferences held in Belarus and abroad that mainly focus on foreign investments and market entry, corporate taxation, and transfer pricing.


Odintsov holds a degree in international law and has been admitted by the Ministry of Justice as a Tax and Legal Advisor (license No 471).

Daria Shelkova works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

In her 5 years at SCHNEIDER GROUP, Daria Shelkova has progressed from Senior Accountant to Deputy Finance Director. She has led several major projects in finance, accounting and taxation, including projects with staff located at our clients’ offices and projects in IFRS.

She has also participated in some internal projects, and has vast experience as a trainer in our starsacademy. Now, she is not only a supervisor of an accounting group and a trainer, but leads the starsacademy project within our company.

Before Ms. Shelkova started working for SCHNEIDER GROUP she worked as Chief Accountant in a large research institute in the machinery industry, and also in a company developing banking software. Furthermore, she has experience in finance accounting within the fuel industry, as well as in the economics and accountancy side of machine-building and metallurgical factory operations.

Shelkova graduated from the State Chuvash University as an economist with a qualification in Finance, Audit & Accounting, and has such certificates as Professional Chief Accountant, Tax Consultant, and a diploma in IFRS.

Shelkova’s work experience at SCHNEIDER GROUP and her previous experience in accounting and finance covers the following areas:

  • Clinical research;
  • Construction and premises renting;
  • Trade;
  • Industrial production;
  • IFRS accounting (transformation from RAS to IFRS; provisions on onerous contracts according to IAS 37).

Additionally, Ms. Shelkova has held seminars on the following topics:

  • Taxation – property, land and vehicle taxes
  • Taxation – profit tax
  • Transfer Pricing
Artem Barinov works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Artem Barinov is the Head of Legal Department SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Kyiv office and is responsible for providing legal and tax services to our clients in Ukraine. He mainly assists our clients with solving complex issues of corporate, tax, labor and migration law. In addition, Mr. Barinov has proven experience in the areas of transfer pricing regulations and anti-corruption legislation in Ukraine.

Barinov graduated from the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University with a Master’s degree in Law, and has since gathered work experience for more than 9 years with international companies in the area of professional consulting services, as well as insurance and production.

Before joining SCHNEIDER GROUP, Mr. Barinov worked as a Legal and Tax Consultant with KPMG, focusing on projects in the area of tax law, M&A, labor law, migration law and foreign investments structuring.

He has given many presentations at different seminars and events on the following topics connected with business activities in Ukraine:

  • Business set-up,
  • Taxation rules,
  • Transfer pricing,
  • Employment of foreigners,
  • Migration requirements,
  • Investments and financing,
  • Anti-corruption legislation.
Christopher Schagerl is Director at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Christopher Schagerl works both for Kazakstani and Moscow offices. In Moscow he is a Director in charge of HR department. He supports Kazakhstani offices (Almaty, Astana and Aktau) in regard of Business Development and coordination between them. He effectively supports SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Managing Partner, Mr. Ulf Schneider in Moscow as well as the General Director in Kazakhstan, Mr. Kirill Afanasyev.

Christopher Schagerl is in charge of the following tasks:

  • Management of Human Resources and Recruiting team of Moscow headquarter;
  • Implementation of internal and external HR projects;
  • Development of the offices and business in Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana and Aktau);
  • Support and promotion of the company’s activities in Chambers of Commerce in Russia, Kazakhstan and Austria;
  • Contact partner for Austrian businesses and Austrian desk of SCHNEIDER GROUP.

Before joining SCHNEIDER GROUP, Christopher worked about 7 years as the Head of the Representative office and Branches as well as a Financial Manager for an Austrian engineering and construction firm in Moscow. He was in charge of commercial administration and control of daughter companies, branch offices and projects. Furthermore, he organized liquidation of business entities. There he also had the chance to improve his strategic management functions and project management skills and especially his knowledge in Budgeting, Financial Planning and Controlling.

Christopher graduated from the Austrian University of Applied Sciences in Eisenstadt where he completed his Master and Bachelor degree in International Business Relations focusing on international finance, accounting and controlling. He is an ACCA student and spent a semester at the ESCE Paris as well as an internship in Kazan and finished studies at the Moscow State University and the Academy of Labor and Social Relations in Moscow.

Christopher speaks German as a native language, but he is also fluent in English and Russian and has basic skills of French.

Katharina Barthel works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Katharina Barthel leads the marketing and event management of SCHNEIDER GROUP and is responsible for their activities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Germany and the target markets.

Barthel leads the event team which organizes events on the premises of SCHNEIDER GROUP as well as in other venues. She has experience in developing concepts as well as organizing different formats from exclusive discussion rounds, seminars and conferences, to large events and corporate outings.

SCHNEIDER GROUP rents out its state of the art facilities and takes over the organization of clients’ events in the form of turn-key concepts and complete coordination.

Barthel has more than 9 years of experience in marketing, procurement and event management. In the past, she has worked in retail, for service providers and hotels.

Katharina Barthel has a diploma in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing; she has studied in Berlin and Istanbul and is currently living in Moscow for over 4 years. She is a native German, speaks fluent English, has good Russian skills and basic knowledge in Turkish.

Alexander Nuzhny works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Alexander Nuzhny holds the position of Finance Director at the Moscow office of SCHNEIDER GROUP and has been with the company since 2007. With over 10 years of experience in financial economics, a Master’s in Finance and knowledge of three languages (German, English and Russian) Mr. Nuzhny is a highly skilled professional who furthered his qualification while working as an Associate Professor at the National Research University, Higher School of Economics (subject – Financial accounting, IFRS)

Before SCHNEIDER GROUP Mr. Nuzhny worked as Chief Accountant at an oil&gas trading and manufacturing company.

Presently, Mr.Nuzhny is dedicated to sharing his expertise with his colleagues and SCHNEIDER GROUP clients. Amongst his professional activities are the following:

  • Commercial and tax accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and audits in accordance with German GAAP and IFRS standards
  • Preparation of managerial reports in accordance with IFRS standards
  • Development of internal instructions for accounting record-keeping purposes
  • Preparation of tax statements ( income taxes, turnover tax, net worth tax, property taxes, vehicle tax, social security contributions), separate VAT-detection, holding of import transactions, preparation of all accounting reports, relations with Russian tax authorities and Non-Appropriated Funds
  • Managing of Due Diligence projects
  • Execution of General Director functions in international companies’ subsidiaries
Ekaterina Lozhkova works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Graduated from Government University of Management, degree in Economics, Moscow State University: Diploma in International Financial Reporting System, Member of Chamber of tax advisers, ACCA student (11 exams are passed)

Total experience in Accounting and Finance more than 12 years. Prior to entering SCHNEIDER GROUP, Lozhkova Ekaterina started her carrier as accountant in Russian IT company with further promotion to Chief Accountant. Also she had experience as Finance Controller in French company specialized in recruiting service. In SCHNEIDER GROUP she started as Accountant in 2009.

Business fields: wholesale, trade, services, logistics


  • Starsacademy
  • Accounting outsourcing department


  • Accounting in SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • Management reporting in IFRS and US GAAP


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • 1C: various configurations and platforms
  • MS Office


  • Russian – native
  • English – fluent
  • German – intermediate
  • Spanish – basic
Alex Stolarsky now works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Alexander Stolarsky is the Director of the Tax and Legal Departments of SCHNEIDER GROUP in Moscow.

He is a German lawyer with more than 10 years’ experience in consulting clients in German and Russian jurisdictions. Before joining SCHNEIDER GROUP Alex worked as a Counsel in international law firms. Furthermore, he completed successfully his Legal Training at the Superior Court of Justice in Berlin, worked inter alia, at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Embassy of Tashkent in Uzbekistan and Consulate General in New York City.

His business fields of expertise are M&A transactions, establishment and operations of joint ventures, comprehensive advice on market entries to Russia, localization, expansion and exits.

Stolarsky regularly holds seminars on current economical topics and legal questions in regards to business in Russia and Germany. He is fluent in German, English and Russian. Additionally he has basic knowledge in Hebrew.

Topics of presentations:

  • Regulatory and Corporate Compliance
  • Cross-Border Transactions
  • Foreign Investments
  • Production Set up in Russia
Ljubomir Karadshow works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Ljubomir Karadshow is IT Director and a member of the board at SCHNEIDER GROUP.

The IT services of SCHNEIDER GROUP, for which he is responsible, include consulting and the implementation of projects in the area of KLR, accounting, financial management and high-availability IT services such as business process outsourcing, cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Prior to that, Ljubomir Karadshow worked in senior management for several consulting firms in Germany, including Accenture and “Partnerships Germany”. There he assisted with modernization projects in federal ministries and authorities.

Ljubomir Karadshow studied computer engineering and computer technology at Technical University of Ilmenau.

Ljubomir Karadshow gives presentations on ERP and IT systems in Russian speaking countries and leads a team of more than 30 experts


Dr. Mathias Weber is the Director-Partner of our SCHNEIDER GROUP office in St. Petersburg. Together with his team of about 40 experts, he guarantees best quality services to our clients in St. Petersburg and the Northern Region. In particular, he strives to strengthen and extend our IT-services, legal and tax consulting.

Before joining Schneider Group Mr. Weber worked as an audit partner at EY CIS in Moscow. He also worked as a finance director for a GSA distributor of IT equipment. He worked as a licensed German auditor and tax advisor as well as a CPA.

He has strong experience in

  • External and internal audit
  • IFRS, HGB and Russian Accounting Standards
  • Leading project teams
  • Implementing different accounting systems in midsized companies

Mr. Weber is sharing his rich experience with the St. Petersburg business community.

Sergey Leoshko works at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Sergey Leoshko is the Head of the Tax Department of SCHNEIDER GROUP in Moscow.

He is a tax adviser with more than 15 years’ experience in consulting and in-house tax affairs management for clients in doing business in Russia and other jurisdictions. Before joining SCHNEIDER GROUP Sergey worked as a Head of Tax and Group Tax Manager in various international firms from different industries such as FMCG, IT, Consulting. His experience includes inter alia successful building of in-house tax functions and long term sustainable business solutions, tax planning and defense for global industry leaders across Russia, CIS countries, EU members states, UK, US and Asia-Pacific region.

His business fields of expertise are IP structures, pre-IPO restructuring, M&A transactions, supply chain structuring, transfer pricing, tax audits, market entries, business expansion and exits for Russian and CIS markets.

Leoshko regularly holds seminars on current local and international taxation topics in relation to doing business in Russia. He is fluent in English and Russian. Additionally he has good knowledge in Spanish.

Topics of presentations:

  • Corporate Income Taxation
  • Beneficial Ownership on Income from Russian Sources
  • Currency Control in Russia
  • VAT and Supply Chain Structuring
  • Tax Evasion and Responsibility of Management and Business Owners
Nodir Ayupov

Nodir Ayupov is the Head of SCHNEIDER GROUP Office in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). The group has offices in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Belarus (Minsk), Ukraine (Kyiv), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Aktau, Astana), Poland (Warsaw) and Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin) and provides consulting services to Western companies with a major focus on practical support in such areas as Legal Entity Set-Up, Accounting Outsourcing, Import, Internal Audit / Due Diligence, Interim Management, Taxation and IT-/ERP-Systems.

Recently SCHNEIDER GROUP opened (September 2018) its office in Uzbekistan (Tashkent). This office provides consulting services with emphasis to Market Entry Services, ERP-systems and Accounting Automation, Interim Management and Localization of Production.

After studying Finance, Consulting and Venture Management at Emory University (Atlanta, GA USA) and International Business at Tashkent State Economic University, Nodir Ayupov joined Uzbekistan Airways where he was promoted to the Chief of Foreign Relations Department. During his 18 years of experience in Uzbekistan Airways, Nodir Ayupov successfully managed airline’s foreign offices in Kazakhstan, Greece and Spain.

His extensive experience in western business environment as well as government – private sector interaction process, plays a key role in efficient implementation of projects with attraction of government structure.

Nodir Ayupov has taught courses on Managerial Accounting in Tashkent State Economic University in the past.

Tatiana Danilova works at SCHNEIDER GROUP
  • Tatiana Danilova is a Board Member at SCHNEIDER GROUP. With over 15 years of accounting experience, Tatiana is proficient in the subtle accounting intricacies across a wide range of industries, including wholesales, trade, services, timber, construction, and logistics. In addition, she has distinguished herself by demonstrating particular proficiency in the following specializations:
    • Efficiency of finance department structure
    • Processes automation
    • Management reporting in IFRS and US GAAP
    • Budget analysis and review
  • Tatiana has spent the bulk of her professional career at foreign companies, meaning that besides having fluent English, she also has had experience with various ERP systems beyond 1C, thereby making her a valuable asset for foreign companies doing business in Russia.
  • Her strong managerial skills combined with a high enthusiasm to solve new and difficult problems has made her the prime candidate to head new and innovative projects, including:
    • Interim CFO Business Line
    • Process Management Guide / Client Login project
    • Innovation Committee
    • High-tech Accounting

These are in addition to her daily function as a Finance Director, overseeing multiple accounting groups, distributing tasks, and conducting performance control.

Felix Paytyan

Felix Paytyan is the Head of SCHNEIDER GROUP’s office in Armenia and is responsible for offering our services in the region.

He received his Master’s degree in Marketing and Commerce at the French University in Armenia (Jean Moulin Lyon 3).  After graduating, Felix started working in the HoReCa sector as a Marketing Manager and then as a Marketing Director. He later established his own company in the field of sports brand promotion and distribution in Armenia and Ukraine.

In 2009 Felix joined the Belgian-Armenian Chamber of Commerce and later became its Vice President and Director for Armenia in 2013. He has since been organising and coordinating business missions between Belgium and Armenia for promoting and deepening bilateral commercial relations. Felix has extensive experience in cooperation between the private and public sectors, international business communication and trade.

The international profile of his work experience, as well as his extensive networking with Armenian and international business, makes Felix the ideal person to assist you in the region.