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Strategy “Pharma 2020” is a set of measures, which was created by the Russian Government in order to establish local production facilities for 90% of vitally important and strategically valuable medical supplies for the country. Apart from that the strategy’s purpose is to produce 50% of all the other pharmaceuticals on the territory of the Russian Federation. In this regard many foreign pharma enterprises, which plan or carry out business activity on the Russian market, are interested in whether produced pharmaceuticals should undergo the localization procedure and what would be better: to establish in-house production or outsource it to a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)?

Pharma companies producing medications often face difficulties while searching for Contract Manufacturing Organization for further cooperation. One of the reasons for difficulties is that foreign companies have too high requirements for quality of pharma products of their potential partners in Russia, because the quality standards abroad are much higher than ones existing on the territory of Russia.

SCHNEIDER GROUP company has vast experience in searching potential pharma business partners and always takes into consideration all the significant peculiarities for further successful cooperation as well as specific characteristics of doing business in Russia.

Services we offer for the pharma industry

  • Search of potential partners for production establishment
  • Risk assessment
  • Analysis of potential partner’s solvency
  • Negotiations with potential partners over the phone
  • Analysis of the additional information on potential business partner upon Client’s request

  • Localization
  • Support in contract conclusion and further advisory on legal matters
  • Business process modelling

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