Ukraine | The use of payment transaction recorder is mandatory for using payment solutions LiqPay and WayForPay


In its decision No. 520/7835/19 of 16.04.2021, the Supreme Court ruled that the use of LiqPay and WayForPay requires the use of a payment transaction recorder. Thus, the users have received the necessary guidelines for their activities.

The court has ruled that in the case of delivery of prepaid goods using LiqPay and WayForPay by mail or courier service, the seller is obliged to attach a settlement document printed using the payment transaction recorder, which confirms the fact of the purchase and sale of the goods, in the mail. The document must have a legally established form and reflect the full amount of the transaction. Also, in cases stipulated by law, the seller is obliged to enclose a warranty card, technical passport or a replacement document containing the required details in the mail.

It should be noted that until January 1, 2022, the reduced penalty rates apply in Ukraine, according to which for the violation of the procedure of the payment transaction recorder using is charged:
• 10% of the cost of goods (works, services) sold with violations – for a violation committed for the first time;
• 50% of the value of goods (works, services) sold with violations – for each subsequent repeated violation.


If you are interested in using payment solutions or the payment transaction recorder, please contact us. SCHNEIDER GROUP specialists in Ukraine are ready to advise you on the specifics of interaction with payment solutions, as well as in relation to registration, use of the payment transaction recorder and the related document flow.

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