Ukraine | New working regimes have been introduced


On 4 February 2021, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted Law No 1213-IX “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine regarding improvement of the legal regulation of remote, home-based regime and regime with flexible working hours”, which introduces into the legislation new working regimes related to quarantine realities.

This law introduces:

  • Regime with flexible working hours, which differs from the regime determined by the internal labour regulations; its condition is compliance with the established daily, weekly or other standard for the duration of working hours.
  • Home-based working regime, in which work is performed by an employee at his place of residence or in other premises designated by him outside the employer’s premises, where there is also a designated area and equipment for performing working functions. An employee cannot change his place of work on his own. An exception is allowed in the event of unforeseen circumstances, about which he must notify the employer.
  • Remote working regime, in which work is performed by the employee outside the employer’s work premises, at any place of the employee’s choice, using information and communication technologies. According to the general rule, the employee distributes the working time at his own discretion. He is not subject to the internal labour regulations.

During epidemics, the employer’s decree may establish any of the above working regimes. If the employee is made aware of this document before the introduction of one of the regimes, such an introduction will not be considered a change in the essential working conditions.


Specialists of SCHNEIDER GROUP Kyiv office are ready to provide you with detailed advice on each of the working regimes and to determine the most appropriate one for your company. They will also assist you in drafting the necessary internal personnel documents (in particular, the decree on the establishment of your chosen working regime) in accordance with the legal requirements.

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