SCHNEIDER GROUP and The Skolkovo Foundation will jointly develop the digital economy


On October 21, within the framework of the Open Innovations Forum, the Skolkovo Foundation and SCHNEIDER GROUP signed a partnership agreement. The parties intend to support the development of the digital economy, digital interaction between the business community and the state, as well as the digital transformation of services and service lines.

As a part of joint projects, the Skolkovo and SCHNEIDER GROUP plan to develop and promote new technologies in the areas of HR-tech, FinTech, and LegalTech for Russian and international companies.

SCHNEIDER GROUP is to be the link between new technology development and business. The main task is to make the introduction of modern technologies into business affordable and effective.

The first joint project within the framework of cooperation will be the design of the target IT architecture, including SCHNEIDER GROUP’s ecosystem platform, covering the entire spectrum of interaction between companies, employees, and applicants, taking into account the current and future needs of business and individuals.

Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation: “Providing support for a wide network of international corporate clients in many countries of the European Union and the CIS, including their Russian offices, and providing them with innovative services, SCHNEIDER GROUP is a serious partner for us, close in spirit and purpose. Joint projects open up a new range of opportunities for Russian innovative companies to enter international markets. Among other things, our startups will be able to participate in filling the SCHNEIDER GROUP ecosystem platform with high-tech and competitive solutions for the business of SCHNEIDER GROUP clients.

Ulf Schneider, President, and Founder of SCHNEIDER GROUP: “Since 2003, we in SCHNEIDER GROUP have accumulated extensive experience in building business processes for representative offices of international companies in Russia, as well as in the CIS countries. Skolkovo, in its turn, has brought together the best technical minds of Russia that from year to year launch the most important IT projects for society and business. I am confident that by joining our competencies and resources, we will be able to raise the level and quality of business digitalization in Russia and apply the best Russian practices in the territories of the EU and the CIS countries”.

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Consulting company SCHNEIDER GROUP has been successfully bringing Western companies to the markets of Russia and the CIS for two decades, helping clients to build effective business processes, mitigate risks and make significant savings, using the full range of both well-known and the latest tools for digital business transformation. SCHNEIDER GROUP is confident that the developments of the domestic market will also be in demand in other countries where its present and future clients are represented. Website:

Skolkovo Foundation
The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 and functions as the administrator of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The goal of the Foundation is to support technological entrepreneurship in Russia and the commercialization of the results of research activities. The number of Skolkovo residents has already exceeded 2,500. The Foundation provides them with an array of services that are necessary to roll out developments onto the Russian and international markets. Resident status gives a company tax and customs privileges. In 2019, residents’ revenue comprised over 100 billion rubles, and the amount of investment they raised amounted to 13 billion rubles. Since 2019, the legislation has allowed any organization conducting research activities in Russia to access the services and benefits of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Located on the Skolkovo Innovation Center territory is the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), which is in the world’s top-100 young universities according to the Nature Index. The Innovation Center infrastructure comprises, among other things, the research centers of industrial partners and the largest Technopark in Europe. In 2019, three new partner R&D centers, which belong to Sibur, TMK, and Tatneft, opened at the innovation center. A total of 750,000 square meters of residential buildings, research and educational centers have been put into operation on Skolkovo territory, and extrabudgetary investment in infrastructure exceeded 100 billion rubles. Website: