SCHNEIDER GROUP ranked 1st in the accounting outsourcing


Based on the 2020 results SCHNEIDER GROUP took the first position in the ranking of companies, providing accounting outsourcing services in Russia.

The annual ranking is comprised by the leading Russian ranking agency RAEX, bases on the yearly financial results and includes all top players of the Russian accounting outsourcing market. Based on the 2020 results SCHNEIDER GROUP was ranked first in accounting and tax accounting services. The company was also awarded in the categories IFRS reporting preparation and payroll calculation.

Alexander Nuzhny, Partner, Accounting and Financial Management, comments: “Despite the pandemic-related restrictions the business of our customers didn’t stop. We were continuously adapting to the situation, to ensure uninterrupted document exchange and timely reporting. I would like to thank our customers for their ongoing trust and support. Our top position in the ranking validates, that together we’ve managed to adapt to the new remote reality and to become more flexible and efficient”.

SCHNEIDER GROUP has been helping businesses to expand into or within Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan since 2003.

Our service portfolio ranges from market analysis and business partner search, to complete outsourcing of all non-core business functions (accounting, payroll, HR administration), legal & tax advice, business process efficiency review and optimization based on best-of-breed local and international IT solutions. Building core business in a new market is the priority for our customers. While customers focus on establishing a strong presence in their new region, we take care of all supporting business functions.

For companies working in Russia SCHNEIDER GROUP offers complete support in transition to electronic labor document exchange on the base of our in-house developed Client Login solution.