SCHNEIDER GROUP and AIP of Russia jointly held a seminar “Tax benefits for residents and management companies of industrial parks”


At the seminar, experts presented an overview of the existing benefits and preferences for residents and management companies operating in industrial parks, SEZs and PSEDA.

Petr Polyakov, Senior Expert for Certification and Analytical Projects at AIP of Russia, made a presentation, in which he showed the results of a study, reflecting the current state of tax benefits for management companies and residents of industrial parks in Russia.
Sergey Maslekhin, Director of OOO Vernoye Resheniye, presented a report containing a comparative financial analysis of the effects of production location within the boundaries of an industrial park, municipal district, PSEDA, SEZ.

Ekaterina Lakatosh, Head of Tax Practice, SCHNEIDER GROUP, spoke about practical aspects of tax incentives for SEZ and PSEDA residents, judicial practice in this field and the documents that should be used to confirm the benefits so that no disputes arise with the tax authorities regarding their application. A lively discussion and exchange of views with the audience addressed the most common problems that arise in practice.

Andrey Paevsky, Deputy Director of the Ivanovo Region Development Corporation, spoke about the investment infrastructure of the Ivanovo Region and how it can be attractive to investors due to the availability of PSEDA and SEZ on its territory.