Debunking the myths – why Belarus is better than other CIS countries for investments?


On June 3, 2020 SCHNEIDER GROUP Belarus held a webinar on “Debunking the myths – why Belarus is better than other CIS countries for investments ?!”

This webinar was attended by over 70 representatives of international companies, associations and Regional Development Corporations. There were more than 100 registrations from around the world, which indicates the potential interest of the international investment community in the Belarusian market.

Sergey Odintsov, Certified Lawyer and Tax Advisor, Head of the Tax and Legal Department, spoke from SCHNEIDER GROUP Belarus; as well as representatives of the preferential sectors in Belarus: Artur Detkov, Manager of the Investor Services Department for Europe and America in the Sino-Belarusian Great Stone Industrial Park; Denis, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Affairs in the FEZ “GRODNOINVEST” and Elena Krukovskaya, Vice-President of EXADEL, Hi-Tech Park.

Our colleagues and representatives in their presentations highlighted such important issues as the prospects and advantages for doing business in Belarus, the most attractive sectors for investment, talked about the infrastructure and capabilities of Industrial Parks and High Technology Park.

We hope that this webinar will contribute not only to increasing transparency and awareness among participants, but also attracting new customers.