Annual pharmaceutical report

We are happy to present you the next issue of the annual Pharmaceutical report for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan.

Across all of these countries, the pharmaceutical industries face similar conditions. Aging populations, with a tendency to adapt a Western lifestyle, including associated health risks, are causes for growth, but the relatively low incomes of the population, hampered economic growth and tightened government healthcare programs as well as high cost of imported medicines, lack of domestic options, and economic and currency turbulence continue to limit accessibility and affordability of pharmaceutical products. These similar conditions have led to similar responses, mostly through government intervention in pharmaceutical markets, support for manufacturers of generic drugs, and onerous certification and labeling requirements designed to limit imports.

While government interference in markets can be a challenge, it can also provide opportunities. Companies willing to localize production can benefit from a number of preferential economic zones and laws enacted to promote investment, as well as be eligible to participate in high-volume state tenders, as public healthcare systems are a large component of the pharmaceutical markets in these countries.

Download our report to find more information on:

  • Chances and opportunities of the industry
  • Role of the pharma industry in national economies
  • Key consumers and markets
  • Market overview
  • Investments
  • Leading companies
  • Market strategies

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