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Mining and mineral industry

The mining and mineral industry is a huge component of the economies of Russia and the CIS. The geographical vastness of the Eurasian region also holds vast quantities of almost every natural resource that is mined, most significantly oil and gas, coal, iron, aluminum, gold, nickel, diamonds, uranium, and copper.

Mining companies in Russia and the CIS are heavily reliant on foreign investment, equipment, and expertise to become safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. For foreign investors and producers in the mining industry seeking to locate themselves in Russia and the CIS, these regions offer a wide range of preferential terms and regimes, such as Special Economic Zones, Fast Track Territories and Special Investment Contracts. These regimes allow companies to be localized in compliance with a reduced set of conditions, preferential tax treatment, and sometimes with ready-made and equipped infrastructure.

Along with the potential in the currently existing mining industry, the increasing accessibility of the arctic regions will open up new, untapped reserves of resources to be exploited. SCHNEIDER GROUP has deep experience helping international companies entering the mining industry in the CIS and can help you grow your business.

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