After years of stagnation, the Russian fashion market has finally started to overcome the crisis of the previous years and has settled at a more moderate, but steady growth pace. A clear distinction between online and offline retail market dynamics has to be made, with the former showing 27% yoy growth and the latter rather stagnating at previous levels. However, this creates immense opportunities for innovative contenders, at both the lower and higher ends of the market, where either price or distinction make a difference in purchasing decisions. A factor to consider in the meantime is the Russian government’s serious attempt to tackle gray imports and the fight against illegal imports. In particular, the latter has led to a rethinking of the retail trade and has increased the pressure on foreign fashion companies. Companies operating locally with their own subsidiaries have considerable competitive advantages and are in a position to fill the gap in the expected market consolidation.

It is possible to deliver goods directly from abroad to Russian retailers via a trustworthy and compliant technical importer. SCHNEIDER GROUP has developed a concept for an importer of record service which offers foreign companies the opportunity to import without changing the current order and delivery processes and without major investments.

This solution already includes the necessary labeling and is a hassle-free service for our clients from the fashion industry.

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