Kiev, monument Bogdan Khmelnitsky and St. Sophias Cathedral

With a market of more than 40 million consumers, Ukraine offers many business opportunities. It has an excellent geographical location, European cultural traditions, visa-free entry for citizens of many countries, and a clear plan for modernization to align with Western values. Some additional positive qualities of Ukraine as a good country for investment are the Association Agreement with the EU, a good education system, multiple reforms in all sectors, and simplified taxation for small businesses and private entrepreneurs. Property, labor, and services have become extremely price competitive, significantly reducing the costs of market entry. For agricultural businesses, Ukraine offers some of the best soil in the world and is well-known as the “bread basket” of Europe. Ukraine has also recently become Europe’s #1 IT outsourcing and software development powerhouse. Moreover, Ukraine has one of the best procurement systems PROZORRO which allows foreign companies to take part in state tenders without a physical presence.