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Russia is the world’s largest country and has an immense diversity and quantity of natural resources. The total population is more than 142 million, approximately one fourth of whom live in one of 15 major cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Ekaterinburg. Russia’s major industries are machinery construction, chemicals, energy (oil and gas), and agriculture. The Russian economy’s main imports have, in recent times, been consumer goods, pharmaceutical products, cars, semi-finished products, meat, fruits and nuts, and optical and medical instruments. Russia’s economic strength comes from the export of goods, mostly from the primary sector (natural gas, oil, metals, wood, and chemicals). Meanwhile, a broad range of government incentive programs have been developed with the aim of attracting investors to Russia. While the northwestern part of Russia is the hub for the logistics and pharmaceutical industries, the central region around Moscow is famous for its automotive and mechanical engineering clusters.

Management team in Russia
Ulf Schneider
+7 /495/ 956 55 57
Lars Flottrong
Partner, Moscow
+7 (495) 956 55 57
Ekaterina Lozhkova
Partner, Accounting, Financial Management, Moscow
+7 / 495 / 956 55 57
Alexander Nuzhny
Partner, Accounting, Financial Management, Moscow
+7 / 495 / 956 55 57
Alex Stolarsky
Partner, Legal, Compliance, Tax & Interim Management, Rechtsanwalt, Moscow
+7 / 495 / 956 55 57
Dr. Mathias Weber
Partner, St. Petersburg
+7 (812) 458 58 00
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